A digital reconstruction of a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus fragment adorned with the face of a leopard

2,000-Year-Old Leopard Face Painting Reconstructed From Egyptian Sarcophagus

To the ancient Egyptians, the big cat symbolized strength and power, demarcating a tomb of high status

Nesyamun was a priest and scribe whose duties included ritualistic chanting and singing.

Listen to the Recreated Voice of a 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy

Media outlets have likened the sound to a "brief groan," a "long, exasperated 'meh' without the 'm,'" and "rather like 'eeuuughhh'"

The Most Anticipated Museum Openings of 2020

Slated for this year are new institutions dedicated to ancient Egyptian, the Olympics, African American music and the Army

This illustration of Venice accompanied a manuscript of one friar's journey from Venice to Egypt and Jerusalem.

14th-Century Illustration of Venice Is the Oldest Found Yet

The drawing accompanied one friar's first-person account of a trip from Venice to Jerusalem and Egypt

More than 30 tattoos are scattered across this female mummy's skin.

Infrared Reveals Egyptian Mummies' Hidden Tattoos

The mummies of seven women found at Egypt's Deir el-Medina site bear tattoos including crosses, baboons and hieroglyphics

The scan captures every detail that made the bust so iconic, including Nefertiti’s delicate neck, painted headdress, high cheekbones and sharp eyeliner.

3-D Scans of the Bust of Nefertiti Are Now Available Online

A German museum released the digital data to artist Cosmo Wenman after a hoax heist and lengthy legal battle

The wooden sarcophagi boast colorful, well-preserved paintings and inscriptions

Archaeologists Discover 20 Sealed Ancient Egyptian Coffins

The sarcophagi—decorated in shades of red, green, white and black—were found stacked in two layers in a giant tomb

The Bent Pyramid of Snefru in the Dahshur Necropolis.

Egypt Opens Its ‘Bent Pyramid’ for the First Time in More Than 50 Years

The pyramid may represent an important step in a pharaoh’s quest to build the ‘perfect’ pyramid

The Penn Museum Just Floated a 12-Ton Sphinx Out a Window

Using air-dollies, the museum moved the largest sphinx in the western hemisphere 250 feet to a new entranceway

Worn-Out Teeth Expand the Narrative of the Ancient Egyptian Career Woman

Wear patterns suggest a woman buried in the ancient city of Mendes processed papyrus reeds, a job women were not previously known to do

Underwater view of ship 17's hull

Wreck of Unusual Ship Described by Herodotus Recovered From Nile Delta

The Greek chronicler dedicated 23 lines of his <em>Histories</em> to the construction of a Nile cargo boat known by locals as a baris

A series of brown spots dotting the tomb's wall paintings were thought to be microbes carried by modern visitors, but researchers found that the marks have actually been around since 1922 opening of the crypt

Decade-Long Restoration of Tutankhamun’s Tomb Finally Concludes

Conservators stabilized famed crypt’s wall paintings, introduced viewing platforms and barriers designed to limit visitor access to fragile areas

Well-Preserved Female Mummy Found in Elite Egyptian Necropolis

In a first, Egyptian authorities opened the woman’s sarcophagus in front of the international press

Swedish researchers used phase-contrast imaging to examine the soft tissue of a 2,400-year-old mummified hand

Now We Don't Have to Unravel Mummies to Study Them at a Cellular Level

Phase-contrast imaging enabled researchers to non-invasively examine a mummified hand's blood vessels, skin layers and connective tissue

Scientists Begin Unveiling the Secrets of the Mummies in the Alexandria 'Dark Sarcophagus'

The massives stone coffin found in July contains a woman and two men, including one who survived brain surgery

Egyptian Papyrus Reveals This Old Wives' Tale Is Very Old Indeed

The "Wheat and Barley" pregnancy test described in a recently translated medical text has been practiced for thousands of years

Egyptians Cracked Recipe for Embalming Resin Well Before Time of the Pharaohs

A new analysis shows that the Egyptian mummies were being made long before 2600 B.C.

Egyptian Authorities Open Sealed Ptolemaic-Era Sarcophagus

Rampant speculation about what was inside the black granite tomb has swirled since the relic was first discovered at a building site in Alexandria

Photographer Harry Burton spent eight years documenting the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb

Rare Photographs Put Focus on Egyptians Who Worked Alongside Carter to Excavate Tutankhamun's Tomb

Harry Burton’s 3,400 snapshots document rich array of artifacts, unseen Egyptians who contributed to the Egyptologist Howard Carter's great discovery

Scanning Tut's tomb

Sorry, There Are No Secret Chambers in King Tut's Tomb

After two contradictory radar scans, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities commissioned a third comprehensive survey that revealed no voids beyond the tomb walls

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