Personal Genome Project

These holidays, give the people who have everything the one thing they don't: a map of their own DNA


How to Make a Dodo

Biologist Beth Shapiro has figured out a recipe for success in the field of ancient DNA research


First Vertebrate Species Description with a DNA Barcode

"As a kid I pictured myself as a scientist," says Reichs. "I never anticipated writing fiction."

On the Case

Kathy Reichs, the forensic expert who helped inspire the TV show "Bones," talks about homicides, DNA and her latest novel

Chart showing the increase in autism diagnosis

Aut Couture

The African American DNA Roots Project is a molecular anthropology study designed to match African American lineages with those in West Africa, a region from which many slaves were taken.

Family Ties

African Americans use scientific advances to trace their roots


Neanderthal Man

Svante Pääbo has probed the DNA of Egyptian mummies and animals. Now he hopes to decode the DNA of our evolutionary cousins


Last Page: The Wrath of Khan

Even IRS auditors will tremble in my presence

35 Who Made a Difference: James Watson

After DNA, what could he possibly do for an encore?

35 Who Made a Difference: Robert Langridge

His quest to peer into the essence of life no longer seems so strange


True or False? Extinction Is Forever

Researchers' efforts to clone the vanished Tasmanian tiger highlight the quandary of reviving long-gone creatures


The Stuff of Genes

Fifty years after the discovery of DNA's structure, the payoff hasn't matched the hype. But really, we've only just begun

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