Listen to This Holly, Jolly (and a Little Creepy) A.I.-Penned Christmas Song

A neural network at the University of Toronto wrote a holiday ditty based on an image of a Christmas tree

The Gävle Goat in 2006

For 50 Years, This Swedish City Has Celebrated Christmas Season With a Giant Straw Goat

And most of the time it meets a fiery end

The 45-foot Christmas tree is installed in Boston Common.

A Century-Old Boston Christmas Tree Tradition Costs Canadians Big Money

Turns out that Boston’s city Christmas tree is a very valuable gift

The record for lights at a home, lawn included, is 601,736 bulbs.

Untangling the History of Christmas Lights

This bright idea was ahead of its time

What Exactly Was the Christmas Star?

The Star of Bethlehem may not have actually been a star

Listen to Bob Dylan Read '’Twas the Night Before Christmas'

A favorite voice interprets a classic

The entrance to the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur mall is covered with sparkling archways.

Giant Christmas Displays Are Taking Over Malls Throughout Asia

These malls know how to get into the holiday spirit

A pile of letters wait to be loaded in a sorting machine at a USPS processing and distribution center.

Have Bad Handwriting? The U.S. Postal Service Has Your Back

Don’t worry, your Christmas gifts and cards will make it to their destination, even if your writing looks like chicken scratch

Coast Redwood trees are one of the more than 200 species threatened by extinction around the world.

Meet the World’s Most Threatened Christmas Trees

Some conifers' survival is endangered by disease, deforestation and competition

The Catalan Nativity character known as Caganer in the Santa Llucia Christmas Market, Barcelona, Spain.

Catalonian Nativity Scenes Feature a Man Pooping in the Manger Scene’s Corner

Kids also celebrate Christmas by beating a log until it poops out treats

A Brief History of Figgy Pudding

The dense, spicy dish has been giving good cheer for centuries

Jon Lovitch stands in front of the 2013 incarnation of GingerBread Lane. The village becomes larger and more elaborate each year.

Behold: The World's Largest (Three-Ton) Gingerbread Village

Experience the glory of GingerBread Lane

Part of the Capitol Christmas Tree's splendor comes from marine debris collected along the Alaska coast.

The Capitol’s Christmas Tree Is (Partially) Made of Trash

Marine debris bedecks a 74-foot tree from Alaska

The young researchers noted a sharp increase in silly science published during the British Medical Journal's Christmas issue.

Scientists Increasingly Describe Their Research As "Astounding"

The eyebrow-raising finding is just one of several papers published in the British Medical Journal's traditionally lighthearted Christmas issue

Test Your Smarts With the British Spy Agency's Christmas Card Puzzle

Can you solve this head-scratcher?

The first Christmas Card

The History of the Christmas Card

Borne out of having too little time, the holiday greeting has boomed into a major industry


The 'Charlie Brown Christmas' Special Was the Flop That Wasn't

In 1965, CBS gambled big on an animated spectacular that’s now become a holiday tradition

The 14-foot holiday tree at The Corning Museum of Glass contains 2,000 glass ornaments made by a team of glassmakers.

This One-of-a-Kind Christmas Tree Is Made of 2,000 Handmade Glass Ornaments

The Corning Museum in New York has a glittering holiday tradition of its own

It Can Take More Than 10 Years of Work to Get a Christmas Tree Ready for Market

Helicopters can speed along the harvest, however

A man dressed in a traditional Perchten costume and mask performs during a Perchten festival in the western Austrian village of Kappl, November 13, 2015. Each year in November and January, people in the western Austria regions dress up in Perchten (also known in some regions as Krampus or Tuifl) costumes and parade through the streets to perform a 1,500 year-old pagan ritual to disperse the ghosts of winter.

The Origin of Krampus, Europe's Evil Twist on Santa

The mythical holiday beast is once again on the prowl, but beware, he's making his way across the Atlantic

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