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Crossing the Line Between Art and Science

New York artist Steve Miller melds the computer models and scientific notes of a Nobel-winning biochemist into a series of paintings now on display in D.C.


Toxic Runoff Yellow and Other Paint Colors Sourced From Polluted Streams

An engineer and an artist at Ohio University team up to create paints made of sludge extracted from streams near abandoned coal mines


Nobel Prize Winners Are Put to the Task of Drawing Their Discoveries

Volker Steger photographs Nobel laureates posing with sketches of their breakthrough findings

How to Grow a Nanogarden

In a lab at Harvard University, Wim Noorduin cultivates microscopic crystalline flowers in glass beakers

ZnO Fall Flowers. Image by Audrey Forticaux, a graduate student in the Chemistry Department

Intriguing Science Art From the University of Wisconsin

From a fish's dyed nerves to vapor strewn across the planet, images submitted to a contest at the university offer new perspectives of the natural world


The Science of Cooking a Turkey, and Other Thanksgiving Dishes

In a new book, the editors of Cook's Illustrated share some secrets to preparing the perfect holiday feast


The Carbon Dioxide in a Crowded Room Can Make You Dumber

Inside the volcano's round chamber, Jonas Lohmann and two other graduate students from the Brandenburg Technical University doused fires with lighter fluid and smoke powder to create the columns of smoke that streamed from the volcano all afternoon and evening.

That Time a German Prince Built an Artificial Volcano

A 18th century German prince visited Mt. Vesuvius and built a replica of it. 200 years later, a chemistry professor brings it back to life

A nighttime German barrage on Allied trenches at Ypres

Fritz Haber’s Experiments in Life and Death

The German chemist helped feed the world. Then he developed the first chemical weapons used in battle

Water crystallizes into ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time, but not always.

At What Temperature Does Water Freeze?

The answer is far more complicated than it first appears—water doesn't always turn to ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Unofficially, the periodic table goes up to element 118.

Meet the New Elements

It’s official: Elements 114 and 116 do exist and belong on the periodic table


Oil and Water Do Mix


Meet the Elements

There are 118 elements in the periodic table, from hydrogen to ununoctium


A Chemistry Lesson at the American History Museum

Spark!Lab at the National Museum of American History, which reopens on Friday after extensive renovations


Wallace Broecker Geochemist, Palisades, New York

How to stop global warming? CO2 "scrubbers," a new book says


Midas Touch

To clean highly polluted groundwater, Michael Wong has developed a detergent based on gold


Hero for Our Time

Challenged to prove his germ theory of disease, Louis Pasteur shaped the terrain on which the battle against anthrax is being fought

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