Book Review: How to Build a Dinosaur

After discovering a new species of bird, research ornithologist Brian Schmidt made sure to give it a proper name: "stout bird that bears a flam-colored throat."

Naming a New Species

Smithsonian naturalist Brian Schmidt gave a new species of African bird an interesting scientific name

Dr. Edward Arnett (in the orange vest), a scientist with Bat Conservation International and his bat-finding labrador retriever accompany plant manager Chris Long at the Casselman Wind Power Project in Pennsylvania.

Can Wind Power Be Wildlife Friendly

New research aims to stop turbines from killing bats and birds


Which Dinosaur Would You Clone?


Book Review: Feathered Dinosaurs


Dispatch from AAAS—The Greater Sage Grouse Fembot

This weekend, blog overseer Laura and I are writing from the AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago


Ornithological Data From Your Own Backyard

It's time to fill up the birdfeeders, pull out the field guide, and polish your binocular lenses


Darwin and the Dinosaurs


Picture of the Week — Emperor Penguins

Can cuteness save the Emperor penguin?

A US Air Force Boeing 707 disturbs a colony of sooty terns during takeoff.

The Perils of Bird-Plane Collisions

When airlines want to investigate dangerous bird strikes against planes, they turn to the head of the Smithsonian’s Feather Identification Lab


What Happens When You Remove the Cats From a Rabbit-Laden Island?

Australians of European descent might be forgiven for thinking they could turn the continent into another Europe


A Giant Winged Platypus?

Foxes ate so many Aleutian cackling geese that by 1940, the birds were thought to be extinct.

Wild Goose Chase

How one man's obsession saved an "extinct" species


Taking a Closer Look at Archaeopteryx


Picture of the Week—Hawaiian Honeyeaters


Dinosaur Death Trap

Mark Catesby's Blue Jay.

Mark Catesby's New World

The artist sketched American wildlife for Europe's high society, educating them on the creatures living among the unexplored lands


Cook Your Bird with Thermite!


Annual Dinosaur Dissection Day


T. Rex: The Other White Meat?

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