Georgia Elementary School Trades One Dinosaur for Another

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If the principal of Thomson Elementary School in Thomson, Georgia, thinks she has rid her school of dinosaurs, the joke's on her. According to the McDuffie Mirror, principal Anita Cummings recently decided to paint over a dinosaur mural and remove dinosaur tracks from the school because:

The dinosaur does not represent what Thomson Elementary School is all about. ... We are no where near extinction because we still have lots of places to go...

Instead Cummings chose the bald eagle to be the school's mascot, but in doing so she has just traded some extinct dinosaurs for a living one. As has been said over and over again on this blog, birds are the living descendants of feathered theropod dinosaurs, and that includes eagles. A dinosaur will still be the mascot of Thomson Elementary, even if it does not look quite like its prehistoric relatives.

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