Edward S. Curtis' Canon de Chelly—Navajo (1904).

Edward Curtis’ Epic Project to Photograph Native Americans

His 20-volume masterwork was hailed as "the most ambitious enterprise in publishing since the production of the King James Bible"


On Heroic Self-Sacrifice: a London Park Devoted to Those Most Worth Remembering

In 1887, a painter was inspired by an idea: commemorate the everyday heroism of men, women and children who had lost their lives trying to save another's

The "Venus of Hohle Fels" is a 40,000-year-old figurine and is so small it could be hidden in your fist.

The Cave Art Debate

The discovery of a 40,000-year old figurine reignites debate among archaeologists about the origins—and true purpose—of art

The Shaker Village in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

Mount Lebanon Shaker Village Redux

An outstanding collection of Shaker arts and crafts moves to the old Shaker Village in New York

Lawrence Weiner's "A RUBBER BALL THROWN ON THE SEA, Cat. No. 146" is displayed at the Hirshhorn Museum in blue, sans-serif lettering. Weiner was open to the seven words being produced in any color, size or font.

Ask an Expert: What is the Difference Between Modern and Postmodern Art?

A curator from the Hirshhorn Museum explains how art historians define the two classifications

This dance stick (c. 1890) was created by the warrior No Two Horns to honor his horse being killed at Little Big Horn.

What's Up

At last count, Velveteria, the Museum of Velvet Paintings has nearly 2,500 velvet paintings.

Museums With Their Own Niche

Subjects as wide-ranging as lunchboxes, roller skating, and Bigfoot have museums dedicated solely to their study and appreciation

Using shadows and the moon, Olson determined the moment Ansel Adams photographed Autumn Moon.  When conditions recurred 57 years later, Olson was ready.

Forensic Astronomer Solves Fine Arts Puzzles

Astrophysicist Don Olson breaks down the barriers between science and art by analyzing literature and paintings from the past

Pompeii, House of the Golden Bracelet, Garden Scene, 1st century BC - 1st century AD.

Roman Splendor in Pompeii

Art and artifacts reveal the elaborate maritime pleasure palaces established by Romans around the Bay of Naples

A mysterious bird etched in stone at the ancient aboriginal rock art site in Western Australia.

Dampier Rock Art Complex, Australia

On the northwestern coast of Australia, over 500,000 rock carvings face destruction by industrial development


Rogues Gallery

Ten of the most incredible art heists of the modern era

Tim Conlon completes the king character and starts to fill in the "Con" outline.

Aerosol Art

Largely dismissed as vandalism, graffiti migrates from city streets and subway cars into major galleries

Acropolis Museum in Athens

Acropolis Now

A modern museum of ancient Greece rises near the Parthenon


Miami Splash

Art Basel Miami Beach is a giant fair that's fueling the city's explosive arts scene

At an "Antiques Roadshow" taping in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2006, Nan Chisholm appraises a landscape of Glacier Park by the American artist, John Fery. The estimated value: $15,000-$20,000.

FOR HIRE: Fine Art Appraiser

Former Sotheby's paintings appraiser Nan Chisholm evaluates her work

A Turkish carpet could be the ultimate souvenir of your trip to Istanbul.

Buying a Carpet in Istanbul

A guide to types of Turkish carpets and techniques that go into making them

Foucan and Belle called their efforts "parkour," from the French "parcours," meaning "route."

Extreme Running

Made popular by a recent James Bond film, a new urban art form called free running hits the streets

In 1919 Marcel Duchamp penciled a mustache and goatee on a print of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and inscribed the work "L.H.O.O.Q." Spelled out in French these letters form a risqué pun: Elle a chaud au cul, or "She has hot pants." Intentionally disrespectful, Duchamp's defacement was meant to express the Dadaists' rejection of both artistic and cultural authority.

A Brief History of Dada

The irreverent, rowdy revolution set the trajectory of 20th-century art


Peter Pan Turns 100

But the boy who never grew up shows no signs of getting old

Sculptor Alexander Calder's hand-drawn map to his home looks like one of his mobiles.

Particulars of Context

There's art in the history at the Archives of American Art

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