Sloth Bears: They Eat Ants, but Take on Tigers

Still used as "dancing bears," they can hold their own with the big cats but not with human expansion


The Return of the Elk

Monarchs of the mountain West, they once ranged all the way to the Eastern Seaboard. Now they are coming home


The Man Who Invented Elsie, the Borden Cow


Something Just Bit You?

Was it a scorpion? A spider? A snake? The toxin experts at APDIC can tell you what to do

A Census of the Wild

A government report takes a look at what we have left and where we are heading


Do Not Take the Javelina Lightly

Oh yes, it's a touchy-feely creature all right, but the collared peccary, or javelina, has very big teeth and it knows how to use them


A Mailbox with a Catch


New Breeds Down on the Pharm

Plain old barnyard animals — with genes from other species added — are producing medicines that keep people alive


Making Room for Prairie Dogs

These rodents are cute— if you're not a suburban homeowner watching your grass disappear. Millions live on the prairies, yet the rascals are in trouble


The Joys of Rehabbing

Rehabilitating injured or abandoned wildlife fulfills the longing of many animal lovers to know other bloods


Here, Birds Are Unafraid

Galápagos seabirds tolerate human spectators, and crabs in Panama ignore cars (but hide from trucks)

Komodo dragon

Everyone Knows the Dragon Is Only a Mythical Beast

But try telling that to the people who live on a few islands in Indonesia where several thousand real dragons subsist in the wild


You Can Call Him 'Cute' or You Can Call Him 'Hungry'

The much-maligned weasel is always on the lookout for something to eat, and the rest of us should be grateful he usually finds it


Following the Footsteps of Fox and Bear

Naturalist-sleuth Susan Morse and her fellow conservationists at Keeping Track monitor wildlife in order to pinpoint critical habitat

At the 'Mayo Clinic for Animals,' the Extraordinary Is Routine

New York's renowned veterinary hospital takes on almost anything, from a constricted boa to a mite-infested mouse to an anemic iguana

Zebra crossing a dirt road near Mpala Research Centre, Kenya

Creatures Wild and Wonderful Thrive at a Living Lab in Kenya

The Mpala Research Centre offers a pristine environment for collaborative study on how humans and wildlife can coexist in the future


The Deep-Sea Floor Rivals Rain Forests in Diversity of Life

Blue luminescence and marine snow define a world where millions of species of worms and other invertebrates live out their lives


They Forced Martinis Down My Throat and Kept Me Prisoner All Night


The Cattle Ranch That Doubles As a School for Doers

Punching cows and hitting the books go together at Deep Springs, a feisty college that acts like it's run by the students — and it is

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