"Tigers living in a healthy jungle, Seidensticker concludes, don't have to eat people."

Tiger Tracks

Revisiting his old haunts in Nepal, the author looks for tigers and finds a clever new strategy for saving them


Eureka! Fell Swoops and Stubborn Molars


Risky Business

The Australian pact with the world's largest crocodiles seems to be working—but critics say that the costs are fatally high

Hawaiian monk seal

A Glimmer of Hope in The Sunset

Wayne Sentman on the extremely endangered Hawaiian monk seal


The Little Foxes

Their habitat is disappearing fast, but San Joaquin kit foxes are finding ways to survive

Camping at the Zoo

Popular "snore and roar" sleepovers give visitors an up close nighttime adventure with animals


Following the Track of the Cat

The Bushmen of Namibia are so good at reading the language of footprints they can tell what a leopard did the day before they started pursuing it


The Rhinos Are Baaack!

In South Africa these hefty, unpredictable and inquisitive beasts are flourishing and have become very big business


Dear Smitty

Our authors write Smitty, our travel editor, about their journeys

Basset Hound puppy

Every Dog Wants to Have Its Day in Court

Eugene Gilbert in Bleriot XI attacked by eagle over Pyrenees in 1911 depicted in this painting

Evidence from the Skies


Horning In?

Bighorn sheep have made a big comeback in recent years, but some developers out West think they're intruders


Last of the Wild Buffalo

Long displayed, long dispersed, the famous Hornaday bison "family" is reunited in a new home


Sloth Bears: They Eat Ants, but Take on Tigers

Still used as "dancing bears," they can hold their own with the big cats but not with human expansion


The Return of the Elk

Monarchs of the mountain West, they once ranged all the way to the Eastern Seaboard. Now they are coming home


The Man Who Invented Elsie, the Borden Cow


Something Just Bit You?

Was it a scorpion? A spider? A snake? The toxin experts at APDIC can tell you what to do

A Census of the Wild

A government report takes a look at what we have left and where we are heading


Do Not Take the Javelina Lightly

Oh yes, it's a touchy-feely creature all right, but the collared peccary, or javelina, has very big teeth and it knows how to use them


A Mailbox with a Catch

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