This dog loves the laser beam, but it might wind up making him crazy.

How LOLCats and Laser Pointers Are Bad for Our Pets

The things we do to animals for the LOLs might not be as innocuous as they seem

Shark Teeth Have Built-in Toothpaste

Sharks may have the healthiest teeth in the animal kingdom

A brown bear fishing salmon in Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Live Bear Cam Shows Hot Bear on Salmon Action

A live webcam let's you watch Alaskan brown bears hunt salmon during the fishes' annual migration

Older Termites Blow Themselves Up to Protect Their Colony

After a lifetime of servitude to the colony, older termites sacrifice the only thing they have left: their lives

Loud Sex Will Get You Eaten By Bats (If You’re a Fly)

Flies now join likes of Romeo and Juliet, and Tristan and Isolde, determined but doomed lovers who would do anything - including die - for love


VIDEO: Baby Cheetahs Frolic at the Zoo

The National Zoo's baby cheetahs get to know their new home while waiting for their new names from the winning American Olympic sprinters


World’s Coolest Animal Bridges

Animal bridges, aka ecoducts or wildlife crossings, allow wildlife to cross potential death-traps like highways and are are popping up all over the world

An elephant at the Toronto Zoo

It Is Too Hot For African Elephants… In Canada

Three elephants were supposed to fly from Toronto the California at the end of next week, but the weather is just too hot for these African animals


Should Dolphins and Whales Have Human Rights?

Because of their complex brains and rich social lives, should dolphins and whales be considered non-human legal persons, with full legal rights?


Oil Spill Finally Confirmed as a Culprit in Dolphin Deaths

A new report spells out that the oil spill, along with a couple other coincidental but unfortunate circumstances, initiated the grissly dolphin deaths


These Adorable Lemurs Are On the Verge of Extinction

Lemurs are the most threatened group of vertebrates on the planet

$2 Million in Ivory Seized From Manhattan Jewelers

Two New York City jewelers, caught with $2 million worth of illegal ivory, plead guilty to charges of commercializing wildlife


Should We Kill Man-Eating Alligators?

Should we hunt down and kill man-eaters?

Blame Your Chicken Dinner for That Persistant Urinary Tract Infection

E. coli, the most common cause of urinary tract infections, has been growing resistant to antibiotics, and chickens may be to blame


How Do Animals Perceive the World?

Scientists demonstrate how animals view the world, and why their vision influences the way they look


U.S. & Europe are Hotspots for Deadly Emerging Diseases

Frog Daddy Raises Babies in Throat, Spits Them Out When Ready


Stick Bugs Have Sex for Two Months Straight

Yes. They can. Two-plus months. Or, more specifically, 79 days, says pseudonymous entomologist--blogger Bug Girl


Wrecked Rivers of T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ Teem With Life Once More


Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era

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