Bryce Canyon National Park

National Parks More Than Pay for Themselves

It turns out there are some very practical reasons to keep the parks going

Service Dogs Sign

Pet Owners Are Pretending Their Dogs Are Service Animals to Sneak Them Into Places They Shouldn't Be

Parking in a handicapped spot is illegal, and so is misrepresenting your pet as a service animal

Ukraine's Independence Square February 23

Ukrainian Protesters Are Already Establishing a Museum for Maidan Artifacts

Less than a week after the uprising in the Ukraine, some groups are already documenting the historic moment

Protestors Strengthening Barricades in Kiev

Here's How Ukraine's Political Crisis Is Affecting the Olympics

One Olympic athlete has withdrawn from competition; Russia may be holding back

One of the country's most popular rappers, J-Me avoids political statements in his music. But his lyrics, he says, reflect the concerns of Myanmar's young.

Myanmar's Young Artists and Activists

In the country formerly known as Burma, these free thinkers are a force in the struggle for democracy

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