September 2018

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Angeline Nanni revisited Arlington Hall

Code Name: Venona

At the height of the Cold War, America’s most secretive counterespionage effort set out to crack unbreakable ciphers


How to Cipher Like a Soviet

An American flag sits atop a gravestone in the cemetery of Oak Mountain Baptist Church in Shelby County, Alabama.

Barnstorming America

How a fiery preacher and a maverick Army general took the nation by storm

Robert Smalls

The Rebels’ Revenge

The formerly enslaved South Carolinian declared that whites had killed 53,000 African-Americans, but few took the explosive claim seriously—until now

The couch

Psycho-Analyzing the President

The founder of psychoanalysis collaborated with a junior American diplomat to lambaste the former president

sheet designed to keep everyone happy

The Fearless Wit of Forrest County

The newspaper man's bravery rocked the racist establishment of the South—and heralded a new era of political satire



Feedback from our readers

Call of the Wild Man

The appeal of the mythical, wild man holds strong

Freedom of Expression

A new show at the Smithsonian American Art museum highlights his work

A New Founding Mother

Just-discovered letters herald the significance of an unsung Revolutionary woman, Julia Rush

Search Happens

Years before the birth of the Google, a forgotten experiment laid the groundwork for the ubiquitous search engine

Where Rhinos Roamed

Road-tripping through prehistoric times on the West Coast

Toy Story

LGBTQ activist and journalist Bil Browning reminisces about the importance of a simple toy

Partisan Attacks

A new book from historian Joanne Freeman chronicles the viciousness with which elected officials treated each other

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