September 2008

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Yellow and blueback fusiliers

Victory at Sea

The world's largest protected area, established this year in the remote Pacific, points the way to restoring marine ecosystems

Fish in Key West

Our Imperiled Oceans: Seeing Is Believing

Photographs and other historical records testify to the former abundance of the sea

Lincoln-Douglas debate

Face the Nation

The 1858 debates reframed America's argument about slavery and transformed Lincoln into a presidential contender

Tillya Tepe Crown
Photobooth photo

Four for a Quarter

Macau skyline


Indelible Images

Day of the Iguanas

On a morning in a Oaxacan market, photographer Graciela Iturbide made one of the most enduring images of Zapotec life

My Kind of Town

Northwest Passage

He arrived unsure of what to expect—but the prolific author quickly embraced Seattle's energizing diversity

Presence of Mind

Clan-Do Spirit

From the Editor


Letters to the Editor


Wild Things

Wild Things

This Month in History

September Anniversaries

From the Castle

Deep Science

Deep Science

Around the Mall

Spirit of the Sea

Around the Mall


Watch an erupting underwater volcano

The Object at Hand

True to Form

An exact replica represents a particular North Atlantic whale


Nancy Knowlton

The renowned coral reef biologist leads Smithsonian's effort to foster a greater public understanding of the world's oceans

Around the Mall

Most Likely To

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

The Bugs Who Flew Too Much