November 2018

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American Rhapsody

70 classical musicians. 200 acres of windblown prairie. And the bracing spirit of the heartland. A Kansas symphony in six movements

Unidentified 60 by Kyle Meyer

Dream Weavers

The New York artist combines digital photography and African fabrics to create deeply textured portraits of persecuted Swazi men


The Unforgotten

Two newly translated diaries by young women murdered in the Holocaust cry out to us about the evils of the past and the dangers of the present


Rescuing History

Hidden for 70 years, a new invaluable contribution to Holocaust literature—the diary of Renia Spiegel—was rediscovered inside a desk in New York


Hear, O Israel, Save Us

An 18-year-old girl, terrorized by the Nazis, kept a secret journal. Read exclusive sections from it here, presented in English for the first time

Anne Frank illustration

Becoming Anne Frank

Why did we turn an isolated teenage girl into the world’s most famous Holocaust victim?


Finding Her Voice

The recovery of a diary written by a brilliant woman named Matilda Olkin raises trenchant questions about wartime collaboration


World, Wake Up!

Young people caught in the crossfire of history provide fearless accounts of the horrors of war—and shatter our complacency in real time



Readers respond to our October 2018 issue


Political Animal

After years of fierce debate, the West’s greatest symbol will again roam the countryside


Churchill Disses America

Our exclusive first look at the diaries of King George VI reveals the Prime Minister's secret hostility to the United States


Going With the Grain

It took millennia, but America’s founding farmers developed the grain that would fuel civilizations—and still does


The Gilded Age’s #MeToo Moment

A turn-of-the-century trial, the focus of a new book, took aim at the Victorian double standard

Ask Smithsonian

You asked, we answered