March 2010

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Construction around old mosque Kashgar

Wrecking History

A vital stop on China's ancient Silk Road, the Uighur city of Kashgar may lose its old quarter to plans for "progress"

Ardipithecus ramidus life appearance and bones

Our Earliest Ancestors

Studies of hominid fossils, like 4.4-million-year-old "Ardi," are changing ideas about human origins

Pho Spice Garden buffet

Ultimate Pho

With more Americans sampling Vietnam's savory soup, a noted food critic and an esteemed maestro track down the city's best

Dolley Madison rescue of George Washington portrait

Dolley Madison Saves the Day

It is thanks to the first lady that the famous Stuart painting of George Washington survived the British army's invasion of D.C. in August 1814

Paul Jennings descendants

Witness to History

The first memoir by a White House slave recreates the events of August 23, 1814


Welcome to Barrow, Alaska, Ground Zero for Climate Change

Scientists converge on the northernmost city in the United States to study global warming's dramatic consequences

Rescued horses

The Mustang Mystique

Descended from animals brought by Spanish conquistadors centuries ago, wild horses roam the West. But are they running out of room?

Lockport New York

Going Home Again

The celebrated writer returns to the town of her birth to revisit the places that haunt her memory and her extraordinary fiction


From the Editor

Big Digs

Excavations in Ethiopia and Lockport, New York

Letters to the Editor


Readers Respond to the January Issue

Indelible Images

The Vigil

Shelby Lee Adams' 1990 photograph of life in the eastern Kentucky mountains captured a poignant tradition

This Month in History

March Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

Around the Mall

Sculpting Evolution

A series of statues by sculptor John Gurche brings us face to face with our early ancestors

From the Castle

Becoming Us

The Object at Hand

Beyond Bones

A rare cache of hominid fossils from the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq offers a window on Neanderthal culture


Q and A: Rick Potts

The Smithsonian anthropologist turned heads when he proposed that climate change was the driving force in human evolution

What's Up

What's Up

The Last Page

Leagues of Their Own

From underwater hockey to chess boxing, could these unheralded hybrid sports be ready for prime time?