June 2009

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Vietnamese Amerasians celebrating their heritage

Children of the Dust

Born overseas to Vietnamese mothers and U.S. servicemen, Amerasians brought hard-won resilience to their lives in America

John Allman and Atiya Hakeem examing elephant brain specimens

The Social Brain

Does an obscure nerve cell help explain what gorillas, elephants, whales—and people—have in common?

Monument for the emperor Augustus

Road Warrior

French amateur archaeologist Bruno Tassan fights to preserve a neglected 2,000-year-old ancient interstate in southern Provence

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

The Triumph of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Guggenheim Museum, turning 50 this year, showcases the trailblazer's mission to elevate American society through architecture

Baseball at Night by Morris Kantor

1934 Picturing Hard Times

An exhibition of Depression-era paintings by federally-funded artists provides a hopeful view of life during economic travails

Buenos Aires Boca neighborhood

Hola, Buenos Aires

The stylish and affordable capital of Argentina has become a big hit with growing numbers of foreigners


Indelible Images

Who Was That Masked Man?

For the noir photographer Weegee, bathers at Coney Island had another kind of gritty reality

My Kind of Town

An Easy Place

Memorist Rick Bragg finds forgiving soil along the brown sand stretch of Mobile Bay

Presence of Mind

Recovered Ground

Famed World War II Gen. George S. Patton's grandson finds his calling in the ashes of his fathers journals

From the Editor

Positive Thinking

Funny-looking cells and an air of expectation



Readers Respond to the April Issue

From the Castle

Lincoln Login

The Smithsonian Connections project gives Lincoln learners the opportunity for interaction with curators, historians and scholars

Around the Mall

Bringing the Wright Flyer to Life

In a movie first, curators and filmmakers collaborated to animate artifacts for Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian


Q and A: Amy Adams

The actress discusses her role as aviatrix Amelia Earhart, filming at the Smithsonian and the magic of museums

What's Up

What's Up

This Month in History

June Anniversaries

Momentous or Merely Memorable

The Last Page

Words to Remember

Amanda McKittrick Ros predicted she would achieve lasting fame as a novelist. Unfortunately, she did