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Walead Beshty photograms
Walead Beshty's Six Color Curl, 2008. Hirshhorn Museum, SI

Diplomatic Gestures
A buffalo horn adorned with gold and precious stones is among the 65 gifts bestowed to 16th- and 17th-century Russian czars by Turkish and Iranian diplomats. At the Sackler Gallery through September 13.

Settle Down
Some 150 European and Native American artifacts from the early North American settlements of Jamestown, Quebec and Santa Fe are on exhibit at the Ripley Center until October 31.

Allied Forces
To Keep the British Isles Afloat: FDR's Men in Churchill's London, 1941 by Thomas Parrish details the roles of presidential adviser Harry Hopkins and financier Averell Harriman in aiding England against Nazi Germany.

An Artistic Presence
In 1899, Alice Pike Barney (1857-1931), a Washington D.C. painter, opened a salon in Paris that became a popular artist hangout. Her self-portrait is one of 70 American paintings now on view indefinitely at the Renwick Gallery's Grand Salon.

Rainbow Bright
California artist Walead Beshty creates oversized photograms (produced by placing objects on photosensitive paper) including Six Color Curl. See 11 works at his "Directions" project at the Hirshhorn through September 13.

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