January/February 2023

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Opener - A captive-bred male lion at Warthog Safaris in Limpopo, South Africa.

The Fate of the King

In South Africa, lions raised in captivity are killed by hunters, including many Americans. Opponents are outraged. Advocates point to conservation benefits

Opener Art

Sheer Willpower: The Life of the Last Empress

A fresh view of Galla Placidia, who married a barbarian and ruled during the Roman Empire’s decline

Baths of Diocletian

A Run ’Round Ravenna

And Rome! Visit ancient ruins that recall what the cities were like when Placidia ruled the West

Opener - Copepods

Small is Beautiful

A passion for the infinitesimal leads a photographer to discover the countless creatures that live unseen in the water

OPENER - Hikers set off on the annual Alpine Peace Crossing.

Escape from Austria

Retracing the steps of a stealth mission that shepherded Holocaust survivors to a new life

Pygmy rabbit

No Place to Hide

In Washington State, conservationists are trying to accommodate a diminutive rabbit that is running out of room

OPENER - The statue Sons of St. Augustine imagines a warm encounter between Alexander Darnes, a physician, and Edmund Kirby Smith, the Confederate general who had enslaved him.

The Doctor and the Confederate

Exploring the mysterious link between a Civil War general and his enslaved servant, who went on to extraordinary success

A copy of a Greek inscription

The Polymath

A multitalented scholar wields technology to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient texts



Your feedback on document detectives, the date, witches and more

Progress by Design

An exhibition at Cooper Hewitt prompts visitors to visualize the sweep of history in a bold new way

Perfect Pitch

The modest Marian Anderson became a pioneer in music—and civil rights

Liberating Folk

A painter trained in Europe returns to embrace the American vernacular

The Frontier That Wasn't

Frederick Jackson Turner gave America its most enduring national mythology. Then he changed his mind

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Reviving a 200-year-old system, Morse code enthusiasts are putting the digit back into digital communication

The Forgotten Revolution

Deep in the archives, a historian rescues the tale of Panama’s brave maroons

Making News

Ethel Payne’s hats turned heads. But it was her pioneering work as a reporter that changed American journalism

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