January/February 2017

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Griffin warrior resting place

The Golden Warrior

The recent discovery of the grave of an ancient soldier is challenging accepted wisdom among archaeologists


Things That Go Boom

College football seasons come and go, but the joyous thunder of Jackson State's iconic marching band rolls on

Linked for life


New evidence shows that Homer Cummings, who would later be FDR's attorney general, rescued an innocent man accused of murder


American Incarceration

Three photo essays explore the history and modern-day consequences of the world's highest incarceration rate

Ricky Jackson


Locked up for a murder he didn't commit, he served the longest sentence of any U.S. inmate found to be innocent

Kiyoshi Katsumoto's home


During WWII, 120,000 Japanese-Americans were forced into camps, a government action that still haunts victims and their descendants

Kiya Anderson


With more American men and women in prison than ever before in our history, millions of children are struggling with the effects of a fractured family life

Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng

The Lovers of Shanxi

As the nation teetered on the brink of war in the 1930s, two Western-educated thinkers struck out for the hinterlands to save their country's riches



Reader responses to our December issue


Hail to the Chieftain

A Scottish rebel features prominently in the anthem


The Judgment

Commissioned for Smithsonian magazine, this painting shows a leader at a crossroads


All That Jass

The record that introduced millions of Americans to a new kind of music


Vanishing Act

A marine creature’s unusual defense is becoming perfectly clear

Rage Against the Machines

What a 19th-century rebellion against automation can teach us about the coming war in the job market

The Elephant Detective

An American biologist wields an innovative weapon against the illegal trade in African ivory

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