April/May 2022

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A vessel nears the commercial wind farm 3.8 miles off the coast of Block Island.

There's Plenty of Juice on Block Island

Block Island, off the New England coast, overcame political strife to lead the way on energy independence

Male Svalbard walruses cluster by the shore

Welcome Back

A hunting ban has fostered the return of a nearly extinct species

Northern spring salamander

Why Did the Salamander Cross the Road?

To reproduce, of course. And a band of volunteers gathers at night to help it—and countless other amphibians—get to the other side

A wooden trestle bridge

Making the Connection

In the sparse Utah desert, the vital contributions of these 19th-century laborers are finally coming to light

OPENER Church of Santa Lucia; Pentedattilo

Italian Renaissance

Take a photographic tour through the country's effort to revitalize its rural towns

Opener - Letterboxed - jungle and guitar

The Legend of The Music Tree

Exotic lumber salvaged from a remote forest in Belize is the world’s most coveted tonewood

Opener - Letterboxed

Viking Village

A massive 1,100-year-old graveyard leads to a surprising new view of the Nordic legacy in Britain



Your feedback on the excavations at Troy and the development of the whooping cough vaccine

America's Home Run

An exhibition at the National Postal Museum examines the history of the nation’s favorite pastime



The true meaning of a national symbol


More Than a Muse

The artist famously inspired the Cubist, but a new book shows that her own paintings deserve renown


Hot Type Makes News

The "Saguache Crescent," a weekly in a Colorado hamlet, still prints on the 19th-century technology known as linotype


The Unequal Distribution of Health

A new documentary from the Smithsonian Channel, 'The Color of Care,' produced by Oprah Winfrey, shines a light on medicine’s biases


Paris on the Potomac

In Washington, D.C., an innovative team of designers demonstrated how medieval techniques could be used to repair the Parisian landmark


Mother Country

The recording star sported a homemade suit as spectacular as her voice

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