April 2020

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SOCIAL MEDIA OPENER In Uganda’s Mgahinga National Park, a 14-month-old male named Imbanzabigwi is poised to transition from mother’s milk to foraging.

The Comeback

Long victimized by poaching and deforestation, the primate species is in the midst of a surprising rebound that is sparking new hopes of recovery

Plat-I inspection social

Surge Engine

The renewable energy source has never quite lived up to its potential, but a new experiment in Nova Scotia could flip the script

social Polarstern amidst ice

The Ship in the Ice

On a ship frozen in the Arctic, scientists have spent all winter to shed light on exactly how the world is changing

social media Smithsonian associate Aung Myo Chit soothes an elephant

Mind Craft

As the pachyderms increasingly clash with farmers and villagers over disappearing land, scientists study the way the animals' minds work

Douglas Tallamy

Wild Man

Fed up with invasive species and sterile landscapes, Douglas Tallamy urges Americans to go native and go natural



Hello, World

When this publication first appeared five decades ago, it was happy to join the fray


Picture Window

How do you select one image to represent half a century of photography and art? You don’t


The Case Against the Car

In a famous 1970 teach-in demonstration, prosecutors hammered away at the nation’s most powerful defendant


Cloud Control

These scientists and inventors set out to change the planet with these out-of-the-box ideas

Hail to the Earth

The green-and-white banner from an Illinois high school recalls the first Earth Day 50 years ago

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