September 2018

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So That’s What Flying Cars Are For

A new business model may make them real this time.

Jared Leidich - 46-1.JPG

The Human Sonic Boom

A skydiver’s shock wave reversed time.

The no-cockpit interior of the Crew Dragon

For All Mankind and for Profit

The astronauts’ next spacecraft won’t be government property.

At Spirit AeroSystems

We Built This City

History, family, flying: It’s all here in Wichita.

A patch notes the 60th anniversary of NORAD.

The Secret World of NORAD

Inside its granite fortress, the agency that has protected North America for 60 years still stands guard.

After an eight-year restoration

Ithaca’s Airplane

A World War I trainer—and aviation film star—comes home.

The F-111B

Was the Navy’s F-111 Really That Bad?

Pentagon leaders insisted that an Air Force fighter-bomber would make a great Navy interceptor. They should have asked the Navy.

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An Honor Taken, Now Restored


Michael Lopez-Alegria

Axiom also hopes to revive orbital tourism, with tickets priced at $55 million.

Oldies and Oddities

The Father of Crash Investigation