May 2010

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At Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Hugh Schoelzel channels Louis Blériot in the nation’s oldest flying aircraft.

Let the Shows Begin!


Simply the Best

An engineer adjusts the beam-control optics that ride in the nose of the Airborne Laser Testbed, a modified Boeing 747-400F. The optics stabilize and shape the weapon laser’s beam as it is aimed by the nose turret’s computer-controlled telescope at a targ
Kevin Lacey, here with a repossessed Citation VII, gets the job done by striking an effective balance between folksy and wily.
The Osprey’s role in Afghanistan has been mainly assault support: transporting troops and supplies (here, Army soldiers unload gear from an MV-22 at a remote combat outpost).
Two-armed Dextre robot, which will be used to demonstrate orbital refueling.

Mr. Fix-It

How Good is Airline-flash.jpg
The color-coded mosaic is oriented as if the viewer were hovering directly above the lunar South Pole,which lies at the bottom center. In some areas of the surface, the 70-centimeter wavelength penetrates up to 100 feet.
Dick Navratil, who owns two Pietenpols.

The Pride of Cherry Grove

Glenn Martin (standing). By 1913 Martin was taking credit for Broadwick’s invention, and the following year he patented it. Here, he and Tiny watch Broadwick stitch up the canopy of a parachute.

Pack Man



Viewport: All the Sky’s a Stage

In the Museum

In the Museum: A la Cart

Above & Beyond

An Extra Two Seconds

Flights & Fancy

Flights & Fancy: It Started off Bad and Went Downhill

Moments and Milestones

Moments-Milestones Old Faithful


Sightings: Head On