February/March 2020

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LOX tank model

To Build a Monster Rocket

Facing immense challenges, the agency bulls ahead with its Space Launch System.

Warbler 1946 Ercoupe

Omaha to Salt Lake City Without GPS

From Omaha to Salt Lake City, without GPS.

searching for the doodlebug in Lynsted

Big Dig for a Buzz Bomb

Two brothers scour the English countryside for remnants of Hitler’s vengeance weapons.

only flying Twin Mustang

Last of the Long-Distance Escorts

Last of the long-distance escorts.

storming area 51

The Year of UFOs

In 2019, our eyes were on the skies.

Katie Stack Morgan

Land Right Here

The science team on NASA’s next expedition to the Red Planet knows exactly where to go.

Middle East over airplane wing

Adventures Above the Oil Fields

Pilots flying for the Anglo-Persian Oil Company faced long distances, primitive airfields, sandstorms, breakdowns, and a hostile population.



A “Field” Day for Planetary Geology

Planetary exploration is becoming a two-way street.

Up to Speed

Her Majesty’s Jet Suit

A former Royal Marines reservist hopes his invention will kick off a new kind of racing.

Up to Speed

K-9 Flight School

At Fairchild AFB, canines learn to be good helicopter passengers.

Up to Speed

Titan Unveiled

The global data will be useful to NASA planners preparing for a new mission to Saturn’s largest moon.


Mike Eilts

An interview with Mike Eilts, senior vice president at DTN.

At the Museum

Tiny Rover, Big Impact

A new Japanese donation to the National Air and Space Museum points to the future of lunar exploration.

I Was There

Space Junk

Job one is to make sure it doesn't come back and hit you at 17,000 mph.


The People Who Made Hubble Great

A spacewalking pioneer reports on the behind-the-scenes work that enabled the Hubble Space Telescope to wow the world.

One More Thing

Bücker Bü-133C Jungmeister

Flown by champions, it remains a favorite today.