Still unidentified: Navy pilots tracked and photographed what appeared to them to be a fast-moving object off the Florida coast in 2015.

UFOs, UAPs—Whatever We Call Them, Why Do We Assume Mysterious Flying Objects Are Extraterrestrial?

For better or worse, sightings of unidentifiable things in the sky have become inextricably linked to spacecraft from outer space.

Publicity stunt? Joke? Excuse to drink alien-themed beer? September’s #StormArea51 event in Nevada ended up being more of a lark than a bold attempt to prove that the truth is out there. But it seemed to be linked to a rise of media interest in UFOs.

The Year of UFOs

In 2019, our eyes were on the skies.

The Integratron in Landers, California.

New Film Tells the Story of George Van Tassel and His UFO-Inspired “Integratron”

In the 1950s, the Mojave Desert was mecca for believers in extraterrestrial visitors.

Drawing of a reported UFO sighted over Watsonia, Australia, June 25, 1972. Official verdict: Probably a Boeing 727, seen at an altitude of 2,000 feet while approaching a nearby airport.

That Secret Government Program to Track UFOs? It’s Not the First

The Air Force has been documenting weird aerial happenings since the 1940s.

Before the 1980s, most alien encounters were friendly, not scary.

When Did Alien Sightings Turn Into Alien Abductions?

Reports of encounters with extraterrestrials took a turn in the 1980s. The question is why.

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