December 2019/January 2020

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Virgin Galactic WhiteKnightTwo carrier ship

Will Space Tourists Finally Get a Ride?

Virgin Galactic has moved into its New Mexico Spaceport. Let the flights begin.

Wind Tunnel 9 research

Into the Future at 6,000 MPH

Into the future at 6,000 MPH

opener Galloway plane

Airplane of the Year

We tallied the votes from our online poll and on-site ballots, and this restored 1931 Waco is the winner.

Culebra Cut

Aviation Journalists Accused as Spies

How a sensational article about the defense of the Canal got its author, photographer, and editor in hot water.

aerial view of Camarillo airport

An Airport That Looks Like America’s Skies

Just about any day is a good day at CMA.


Voyager Endures

Low on power and billions of miles from Earth, NASA’s twin spacecraft keep exploring—with a little TLC from home.

Dornier Do X flying boat


The Great War triggered a trend toward big flying machines. Really big.



The Winding Road to Invention

A new gallery at the National Air and Space Museum will be dedicated to the spirit of invention.

Up to Speed

Call to Duty

After a hurricane hit the Bahamas, a C-45 shows it can still do the job it was built for.

Up to Speed

School Project

The program’s founders hope this challenging school project can jump-start careers in aviation.

Up to Speed

NASA’s Mighty Morphing Robot

It rolls! (And swims! And flies!)

Up to Speed

The Super 80 Gets a Super Send-Off

The McDonnell Douglas passenger liner once made up 44 percent of the American Airlines fleet.

Up to Speed

Return to Dallas

A discovery at a crash site in Laos leads to a final ceremony, and the end of a mystery.

I Was There

The Loudest Graduation Gift We Ever Got

No one from the Cadet Class of 1968 will forget the day.

At the Museum

A Few Ounces of Knowledge

One of the Smithsonian’s rarest and most popular treasures was the inspiration of an Egyptian-born geologist.


How Many Airmen Does It Take to Fix a C-5’s Flat Tire?

Fewer, thanks to an invention by an Air Force lab.

Ideas That Defy

Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

Three (plus) spacecraft circling 22,000 miles overhead are better than dozens on the ground.