U.S. History


Increase, Diffusion and...Inspiration


Washington Slept Here

A look at the first president's "best bed" leads to a recollection of the real man and his exemplary life


Looking to the Future

Five years of heading the Smithsonian continues a proud legacy, but much remains to be done

Uniform worn by George Washington during the American Revolution.

George Washington Slept Here

A great and good man, but bringing him to life in a debunking age is a hard row to hoe


Mr. Edison Takes a Holiday

At Seminole Lodge, where the inventor wintered over in Fort Myers, Florida, he kept a second lab going strong

Audio Visual Gears Up Long Before Showtime

A Darkness in Donora

When smog killed 20 people in a Pennsylvania mill town in 1948, the clean air movement got its start

A Passion for Learning

The opportunity to broaden one's horizons at the Smithsonian is a job perk to be relished


Images of African-Americans Illuminate a Proud Past


Othmar Ammann's Glory

Genius, willpower and thousands of miles of steel wire went into the George Washington Bridge


Two for the Road

Changes mean a bright future for the National Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery


The First Empire Builder of the Northwest

Long before Bill Gates, James J. Hill blazed a technological trail, built a fortune — and tested the government's tolerance for big business

"For a While...It Was Fun"

Then the full force of the storm hit. By the time it had played itself out, Galveston, Texas, was a shambles


Turning Water to Gold

Confronted with a hill full of gold, miners removed the hill and the gold and left a mess behind

Anacostia Museum

A New Day Begun

Committed to its community, the Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum sets lofty goals for the future

"There Is a Certain Amount of Humor in Checkers"

But if you think this game is easy, you haven't met the Ayshire Lassie, the Black Doctor, the Goose Walk or the Canalejas Cannonball


In the Year 1, Augustus Let the Good Times Roll

The year 2000 is almost upon us, but what in the (Western) world was happening when the counting began?


Piloting Pint-size Planes

Across the country, weekend aviators are sending their remote-controlled model aircraft soaring

Print advertisement for Erector Set, circa 1922

"Hello Boys! Become an Erector Master Engineer!"

With no "hanky-panky gimcracks," A. C. Gilbert's Erector sets taught boys more than just the nuts and bolts


Moving Down the Line

It's pulled and jimmied, tied and lifted —but the 20-ton Jupiter engine finally reaches its new home

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