U.S. History


Saving the Nation's Flag

After nearly two centuries of exposure, the Star-Spangled Banner gets a much needed overhaul

The Postal Museum

Dispatches from the Past

An exhibition at the Postal Museum commemorates the centennial of the Klondike/Alaska gold rush


Why Save the Flag?

Preserving the Star-Spangled Banner reflects our ongoing effort to establish a more perfect union

This small piece of yellow metal is believed to be the first piece of gold discovered in 1848 at Sutter's Mill in California, launching the gold rush.

A Metal Far From Base

A tiny flake started the rush to California, but where gold is concerned, that isn't the half of it


Long May It Wave

The Smithsonian embarks on an ambitious project to preserve the Star-Spangled Banner


In Vermont, a Valiant Stand for Freedom

At Mount Independence, heroic Americans held off the British in a confrontation that changed the course of the Revolutionary War


Prized Possessions

Drop Cut-Off Valve and Mechanism Model

Catching a Glimpse of America's Industrial Past


The AP Looks Back

150 Years of Capturing the Moment

Shelburne Farms, Vermont

A Pastoral Preserve Faces the Future

At Vermont's Shelburne Farms, a 19th-century showplace fulfills a quest to teach love for the land


Lessons from the Mall

From courses to cruises, the Smithsonian has educational and cultural adventures for everyone

National Museum of Natural History

Backstage at the Museum

Behind the scenes, an expert unites teams and budgets, treasures and cases--reality and dreams


The History of the Doughnut

A look back at the men, women and machines that made America’s favorite treat possible


Singing Our Praises

With creativity and a vast collection, the Smithsonian has become a leader in preserving our musical heritage


The Long Good-bye

In which it is argued that a look at the history of divorce may make you feel better about our own scandalous ways


Remember The Maine

It has been more than a century since the storied dreadnought sank, but controversy has not yet abandoned the ship


In Honor of Struggle

Life came hard for people like historian Lonnie Bunch's ancestors; he strives to commemorate them

Edith Wilson

A Symbol That Failed

In 1918, a hopeful France gave Mrs. Wilson a peace brooch, but peace eluded her husband and the world


Museum Networking

Whether at the Nobel Prize awards or at the opening of the new Getty center, the Smithsonian has a vital role


Stamps,— What an Idea!

New commemoratives look like our first stamps, which were slow to catch on in 1847

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