U.S. History

A Noble and Absurd Undertaking

The Federal Writers' Project gave Depression-era writers a second chance...and America its first comprehensive self-portrait

A Smithsonian for this Century


Day by Day, In Pursuit of Justice

In Washington County, Vermont, prosecutors face mounting caseloads, looming deadlines —and ongoing drama

Secretary Lawrence M. Small

A Renaissance Man

From finance to feathers, Secretary Lawrence M. Small brings diverse talents to the Smithsonian

Toussaint Louverture

A Mystery in Miniature

An enigmatic button once decorated the uniform of Haitian liberator Toussaint Louverture


Increase, Diffusion and...Inspiration


Washington Slept Here

A look at the first president's "best bed" leads to a recollection of the real man and his exemplary life


Looking to the Future

Five years of heading the Smithsonian continues a proud legacy, but much remains to be done

Uniform worn by George Washington during the American Revolution.

George Washington Slept Here

A great and good man, but bringing him to life in a debunking age is a hard row to hoe


Mr. Edison Takes a Holiday

At Seminole Lodge, where the inventor wintered over in Fort Myers, Florida, he kept a second lab going strong

Audio Visual Gears Up Long Before Showtime

A Darkness in Donora

When smog killed 20 people in a Pennsylvania mill town in 1948, the clean air movement got its start

A Passion for Learning

The opportunity to broaden one's horizons at the Smithsonian is a job perk to be relished


Images of African-Americans Illuminate a Proud Past


Othmar Ammann's Glory

Genius, willpower and thousands of miles of steel wire went into the George Washington Bridge


Two for the Road

Changes mean a bright future for the National Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery


The First Empire Builder of the Northwest

Long before Bill Gates, James J. Hill blazed a technological trail, built a fortune — and tested the government's tolerance for big business

"For a While...It Was Fun"

Then the full force of the storm hit. By the time it had played itself out, Galveston, Texas, was a shambles


Turning Water to Gold

Confronted with a hill full of gold, miners removed the hill and the gold and left a mess behind

Anacostia Museum

A New Day Begun

Committed to its community, the Smithsonian's Anacostia Museum sets lofty goals for the future

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