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For Experts, Cars Really Do Have Faces

A recent study had auto experts look at the fronts of cars, the same area of the brain involved in facial recognition was activated

Fish to Shrink in Warming Waters

Climate change could lead to a sizable drop in fish sizes in coming decades

Fossil Finding Goes High Tech

A new high tech approach to digging in the dirt is helping paleontologists dig smarter: artificial intelligence


DNA Pulled From Maggots’ Guts Used to Identify Deceased Woman

Maggots that resided at the crime scene gave investigators a clue to the deceased's identiy

Comparing the conglomerate outcrop on Mars with a similar structure on Earth.

Curiosity Nails It: Mars Used to Have Flowing Water

Scientists report what they suggest is the best evidence yet that water flowed on Mars

A map of the earthquakes triggered around the globe within a week of the April 2012 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra (white star).

Largest Quake of the Year Crossed Fault Lines, Echoed for a Week


Even Close Subspecies of Migrating Birds Can’t Agree on the Best Route

Scientists in British Columbia attached tiny ‘backpacks’ to birds and mapped their winter migration from Canada to Central America and back again

Dear Florida: Stop Messing With Mating Manatees

But in Florida, residents are being asked to stop bothering manatees while they're trying to get it on

Are Science Museums Going Extinct?

Will science museums survive when the topics they cover are invisible or impossibly far away?

Any large gathering of people, such as this one for Hajj in 2008, has the potential to facilitate the transfer of disease.

Just Before the Hajj, Two Patients Contract SARS-Like Virus

A new coronavirus has been spotted in Saudi Arabia


Here’s What Space Shuttle Endeavour Looked at While You Looked at Space Shuttle Endeavour

Here's what Endeavour saw during its #Spottheshuttle tour


Diamond Mines Are a Paleo-Climate Scientist’s Best Friend

A column of magma worked its way up from the mantle and drilled its way to the surface, bedazzling itself with diamonds that it picked up along the way

Doctors Warned Life Expectancy Could Go Down, And It Did

Some groups of Americans have actually seen their expected lifespans decline

Sea Ice Extent

After Summer Cyclone, Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Low

On September 16, sea ice reached record lows in the Arctic, covering an area of just 3.41 million square kilometers or 1.32 million square miles


Does This Cat Know When You’re Going to Die?

Oscar the cat seems to know who will die and when - or perhaps he's just looking for someone to pet him


Fire Tornado, Fire Devil, Whatever—Just Look at This Swirling Column of Fire

New York's state climatologist and a professor of atmospheric sciences at Cornell University, the columns of dust are more similar to a dust devil

Honey Was the Wonder Food That Fueled Human Evolution (And Now It’s Disappearing)

Energy-rich honey could have been the food that let humans get so brainy

After a Four Year Fight, Scientists Announce No Link Between XMRV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What you need to know about the recent XMRV, chronic fatigue syndrome announcement

The Martian moon Phobos, passing in front of the Sun

A Solar Eclipse, As Seen From the Surface of Mars

Advances in space exploration has changed the way we see eclipses

The strange spheres Opportunity found on Mars

Mysterious Spheres on Mars Are ‘Crunchy on the Outside’ And ‘Softer in the Middle’

Opportunity had found an unusual rock formation on Mars

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