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Chimps Celebrate the End of a Research Era


New Robot Eliminates Only Jobs Left – In the Service Sector

Carnegie Mellon University has developed a robot that can fill the gap of the absent salesperson

Every recorded earthquake of magnitude 4 of higher since 1898

100 Years of Earthquakes On One Gorgeous Map


The New York Fire Department Is Burning 20 Houses Down — On Purpose

The temple at the Met, in New York City.

Four Places to Worship Isis That Aren’t In Egypt

Bar-headed goose with a Mount Everest-simulating air mask.

Extreme Geese Reveal High-Altitude Secrets in Wind Tunnel


The Genetic Engineering Plan to Turn Trees Black and Cool the World


Virtual Pigeon Attracts, Baffles Randy Males

How Spray-On Everything Could Radically Transform Manufacturing


What If the Founding Fathers Had Known About Voltron?

Olly Moss, a UK-based graphic designer, riffs on Benjamin Franklin's 1754 political cartoon, "Join, or Die."

Hemingway’s Old Man Inspires Shark Oil for HIV Vaccine

Eddi Tornberg’s self-powering desk

Body Heat From Your Seat Can Juice Your Laptop


World’s Oldest Purse Adorned with Dog Teeth

The world's oldest purse features a decoration that doesn't look so different from modern beading. It's just way more gruesome


The Atlantic Revisits Sending Babies Through the Mail

A photograph from the early 20th century has striking similarities to the magazine's latest cover story

Mom Keeps Kid Out of Cookie Jar, Forever

Should you raise a sugar-free baby? One mother makes a case for this radical move

The solution can be carried around.

Microparticle Elixir Can Keep Patients Alive for 30 Minutes Without Breathing


A Little Perspective: Congress First Mandated Health Care in 1798

Head of World’s Largest Oil Company Suggests Climate Change is No Big Deal

Speaking to the non-profit think tank Council on Foreign Relations, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson said that preventing climate change will be “manageable.”


Obama Could Win 2012 Because the South Used to Be Underwater


Respect: Sharks are Older than Trees

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