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UFO or Crazy Cloud? ‘Weird Cloud Atlas’ Helps You Decide

Clouds come in a vast array of unusual shapes and sizes, and the Weird Cloud Atlas wants to help you sort of what is what


Relive the 1940s Through These Old Color Photographs

The Library of Congress has more than 1600 color photos of WWII-era America


Welcome to Beefspace, Where the Battle for Fast Food Dominance Rages On

This is a beautiful, and detailed map of the most influential fast food chains at each point


Your Significant Other Might be Spying on You

About a third of people think it's okay to snoop on a significant other's cell phone or email if they suspect foul play


Rigor in the Ring – How Statistics is Changing The Way We Fight

How science and statistics are changing the world of mixed martial arts

Five Epic Patent Wars That Don’t Involve Apple

The recent Apple patent decision was a big one, but here are some historical patent wars you might not have heard of


Your Password Will Probably be Hacked Soon

Passwords are getting weaker and hackers are getting better at figuring them out

90s Pop Music Was Really, Really Depressing

Scientists found that pop music has grown more depressing with time


Wracked by Face Cancer, Tasmanian Devils Fight Off Extinction

Tasmanian devils are on the verge of extinction, but a captive breeding program may be able to bring them back

Check Out the Milwaukee Police’s Mind-Blowing, Crime-Busting Site

The Milwaukee Police are tackling crime with creativity and great web design


Why is Bluetooth Called Bluetooth? (Hint: Vikings!)

Bluetooth's odd name harkens back to Swedish telecommunication company Ericsson's Viking heritage

Data Mining the Classics Clusters Women Authors Together, Puts Mellville Out On a Raft


Neil Armstrong, the First Man to Walk on the Moon, Dies at 82

We remember the American icon


It Wasn’t Me – Could Identical Twins Get Away With Murder?

Identical twins can actually get away with crimes by blaming one another


Yet to Fully Recover from 2010 Earthquake, Haiti Braces for Tropical Storm Isaac

Destabilized by an earthquake and ravaged by cholera, Haitians prepare for tropical storm Isaac


UPDATE: Contents of 100-Year-Old Norwegian Package Turn Out to Be Horribly Disappointing

In 1912, Johan Nygaard, the mayor of the town of Otta, created a time capsule to be opened in 2012. After 100 years the contents have finally been revealed


Geologists Make Lava, Unleash it on New York

Jeff Karson and Bob Wysocki make real lava. Then, they watch it bubble and ooze across upstate New York

Being Selfish Is a Winning Life Strategy, For a While

Dominating and controlling others is the best way to get ahead, until you come up with a like-minded opponent


The Final Frontier – Fifty Years of Space Exploration in One Graphic

From the Curiosity Rover to the Cassini spacecraft, follow the sweeping paths of our space missions

For the full experience, visit BBC Futures

Choose Your Own Alien Adventure – The Drake Equation Gets Interactive

No one knows how many alien civilizations are out there - but if you wanted to guess at a number you'd probably turn to the Drake Equation

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