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The Long History of Americans Debating Empty Chairs

The history of debating empty chairs stretches back to at least 1924


We Have No Idea What Makes Us Happy

Psychologists say that humans don't really know what makes them happy


Real-Life Cyborg Heart is Beating at Harvard

Harvard scientists infused rat heart cells with wires and transistors that monitor the tissue's electrical impulses

Some historic sites, like the Lincoln Memorial, are heavily photographed. But many other significant sites are generally overlooked.

Help Illustrate the Internet With Wikipedia’s Photo Contest

The Wikimedia Foundation is hosting a photo contest, and you could win a trip to Hong Kong

An artist’s conception of a feeding black hole, or quasar.

Astronomers Find More Than 1,500,000 New Black Holes

Recent findings triple the number of known black holes in the universe

The X-ray on the left shows one of the girls’ hands at 2-and-a-half-years old. On the right, her same hand is shown at 12-years old.

50-Year Mystery Surrounding Death of Two Sisters Solved

Doctors discover the genetic cause of an extremely rare, almost always fatal condition called Winchester syndrome

Neil Armstrong giving a different speech as part of a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony.

Neil Armstrong’s Previously Unheard Speech, Recorded One Year Ago

Recorded surreptitiously, the 43 minute-long speech captures Armstrong's presentation one year prior to his passing


Storeowners Hope Cute Little Baby Faces Will Stop Crime

One street in London is hoping to dissuade potential looters by putting a gigantic baby face between them and their loot


Watch This Decades-Old WWII Bomb Go Boom

A World War II bomb was discovered by workers the on the site of an old bar that was being demolished, and then blown up the next day

Dianne Ashworth has her eyes, both bionic and natural, tested.

Blind Woman Sees the Light Thanks to Bionic Eye

A patient with no vision was recently outfitted with a bionic eye that restored some of her sight

After a hurricane, you may be experiencing a few conflicting emotions.

“After the Storm” Workbook Helps Kids Deal with Hurricane Stress

The "After the Storm" workbook that helps parents sort out their kids' feelings following a potentially traumatic hurricane

Here’s How Hurricane Naming Works

Who gets to chose hurricane names, and how do they do it?


Playing Video Games At Home Turns 40

The Magnavox Odyssey went on sale 40 years ago, sparking the home video game revolution


Teen ‘Sick-Lit’ Should Leave Parents Feeling Queasy

The newly defined genre of "teen sick-lit" is awash with tear-jerking stories of ill adolescents who seek only to find the love of their life during their final days, but researchers say it reinforces negative stereotypes of the ill

New Maps Will Keep Ecotourists From Ruining Dolphins’ All-Important Naps

Ecotourists in Hawaii might be inadvertently harming the very dolphin species they hope to interact with by interrupting essential daytime naps


Watch Hurricane Isaac Grow and Slam Into Louisiana

A range of satellites are set to watch Isaac, giving a step-by-step look into the storm's evolution


Transit Users Trust Distorted Subway Maps Way Too Much

Subway map design might have a lot bigger impact on the way you travel than you might think

Maykah’s first toy, Roominate, comes with real circuits.

Female Engineers Design Toys for Girls That Aren’t Just Pink

Three engineers at Stanford are developing science toys for girls that will actually inspire young women to go into math and science

Amazing Shots Captured by Google Street View

One artist scours Google Street View for shocking, beautiful and amazing images

Artist Sue Austin scopes out a pool in her underwater wheel chair.

Artist Explores the Deep in Underwater Wheelchair

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