The Frauenkirche of Dresden at Neumarkt in 2009

Dresden's Crowning Glory

Sixty years after it was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing, the reconstructed Baroque Frauenkirche once again dominates the historic city's skyline

Actress Meg Faragher as Polly Stevenson Hewson, the daughter of Franklin's landlady, guides visitors through a high-tech presentation dramatizing Franklin's London years.

Ben Franklin Slept Here

The ingenious founding father's only surviving residence, in London, is reborn as a museum

Work on Stonehenge began around 3000 B.C., with a ditch circling wood posts.

Mystery Man of Stonehenge

The discovery of a 4,300-year-old skeleton surrounded by intriguing artifacts has archaeologists abuzz


Paris, Mon Amour

For photographer Robert Doisneau, finding an openly affectionate couple in the City of Light was as easy as falling in love

Fast hands gut fresh fish in l'Escala. Many of the anchovies salted along the Catalan coast and branded with local names (above) are now trucked in from elsewhere.

Homage to the Anchovy Coast

You may not want them on your pizza, but along the Mediterranean they're a prized delicacy and a cultural treasure

"Palermo," says Princess Alliata (in her 15th-century palazzo there), is not like Rome, Venice or Florence, where everything is displayed like goods in a shop window. It's a very secret city."

Sicily Resurgent

Across the island, activists, archaeologists and historians are joining forces to preserve a cultural legacy that has endured for 3,000 years

Dear Santa

The world's most heartfelt wishes find their way to a post office near Rovaniemi, Finland

The house of "Vlad the Impaler" lies in the center of Sighisoara's well-preserved, walled historic district, which dates to the 13th century and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Uproar from preservationists, including England's Prince Charles, prompted planners to find another site for the Dracula Park.

The Curse of Count Dracula

The prospect of a tourist bonanza from a Dracula theme park in Transylvania excites some Romanians, but opponents see only red


Palio: Italy's Mad Dash

Pageantry, passion and intrigue are all on display in the no-holds-barred, bareback horse race run twice each summer in the medieval city of Siena

Pro-dam forces (including Fridrik Sophusson, president of the National Power Company) have squared off against environmentalists.

Iceland Be Dammed

In the island nation, a dispute over harnessing rivers for hydroelectric power is generating floods of controversy


Mountain of the Lord

Beyond the war zone, Mount Sinai remains a refuge in a landscape of strife

Alessandro Zampedri, driving a 1935 Aston Martin MK II, shares the 2001 finish with his 2-year-old daughter, Francesca. Copilot Burkhardt Nachtigall handled navigation.

A Rally to Remember

Even at lollygagging speeds, Italy's Mille Miglia road show stirs nostalgic hearts

Many Afghans (like Khalil Ali Daoud, with whom Belliveau and O'Donnell stayed) still work the land, despite the danger of land mines.

Marco Polo's Guide to Afghanistan

Two Americans retrace the steps of the 13th-century Italian merchant through a harsh land of tough, hospitable people


In Search of Florida's Little Europe

Don't forget your umbrella! (And other tips for visiting St. Augustine)


The Mighty Charybdis Beckons

Travel tips from this month's Journeys column

Aerial view of the Palace of Versailles, France

A Journey to the Age of Magnificence

Travel tips from this month's Journeys column

View of the Orangerie in 1695 as painted by Étienne Allegrain and Jean-Baptiste Martin

A Garden to Defy the Seasons

Enjoy a chapter of a translated fictional account of the Sun King's kitchen gardenerâ—and peek into the intrigues of high society in 17th-century France


Dear Smitty

Our authors write Smitty, our travel editor, about their journeys

Blenheim Palace

Beyond Blenheim

Visit some of England's most interesting country manors, with their lovely gardens, and even a splendid medieval castle.


Dear Smitty

Our authors write Smitty, our travel editor, about their journeys

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