Dinosaur Tracking

A Triceratops at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

Huge Triceratops Uncovered in Alberta

Paleontologists in Canada have just uncovered a rare, especially big Triceratops skeleton

The nodosaur Animantarx. While this dinosaur is from Utah, it represents the sort of dinosaur that made the track found at the Maryland NASA campus.

NASA’s Nodosaur Track

Over 110 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed where a major NASA facility now sits

A pair of Stegoceras on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta, Canada.

How Domed Dinosaurs Grew Up

Dome-headed dinosaurs dramatically reshaped their skulls. How does this affect how we count dinosaur species?

Soft tissue traces of the ankylosaur Tarchia. Black asterisks denote large osteoderms, scale impressions are pointed out by an arrowhead and small ossicles are identified by the arrow.

An In-Depth Look at Ankylosaur Armor

An exceptional ankylosaur preserves the position of ancient armor

The skulls and necks of Majungasaurus (top) and Carnotaurus (bottom) compared.

Carnotaurus Had a Hefty Neck

Could the hefty neck of Carnotaurus explain why this dinosaur had puny arms?

Banjo’s reconstructed hand, with the thumb claw on top

Banjo Gets a Hand

Recently-discovered fossils fill out the arms of one of Australia's formidable predatory dinosaurs


Dinosaurs Better Off Lost

Even in film, searching for Africa's mythical dinosaurs is a mistake


New Wrinkle in Tarbosaurus Kerfuffle

The man who prepared an illicit tyrannosaur specimen claims that the dinosaur is rightly his

The cover of Dinosaur Art: The World’s Greatest Paleoart. This book is set to debut in September, 2012.

Artists Bring Dinosaurs Back to Life

A forthcoming book showcases the best of modern dinosaur art


Should We Go Back to Jurassic Park?

Jurassic Park 4 is coming soon, but should we really go back to those dinosaur-infested islands?


An Australian Jurassic Park?

Rumors are circling that an Australian billionaire wants to create a Jurassic Park. Could it actually work?

The AMNH skeleton of Styracosaurus, one of the dinosaurs from the upper zone of the Dinosaur Park Formation.

Dinosaur Turnover

Canada's Dinosaur Park Formation is an exceptionally rich fossil boneyard, but what drove the evolution of the different dinosaurs found there?


The Double Dinosaur Brain Myth

Contrary to a popular myth, dinosaurs didn't have butt brains


Reverse Jurassic Park

What if Jurassic Park were flipped, with raptors pondering the fate of prehistoric humans?

A fragment of the lower jaw of Megalosaurus, the first dinosaur to be scientifically named in 1824. Long before this, though, people puzzled about the nature of dinosaur bones.

A Brief History of Hidden Dinosaurs

Even though scientific interest in dinosaurs is relatively new, our species have been puzzling about the prehistoric creatures for centuries

A speculative restoration of the armored sauropod Agustinia

Armor for Sauropods

Will we ever find out what Augustinia looked like?

The reconstructed skeleton of a Deinonychus, a dromaeosaur, at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History.

“Tiny Paleontologist” Loves Dinosaurs

An enthusiastic dinosaur fan takes his passion to the web


The Dinosaur Project Prepares for Launch

A forthcoming horror film imagines what would happen if a film crew really stumbled onto a dinosaur-filled lost world


Vandals Smash Irreplaceable Dinosaur

In Alberta, unknown vandals smash a priceless dinosaur skeleton

The skull of Oviraptor. This fossil was found with fossil eggs, indicating that this parent was brooding over a nest.

Baby Dinosaur Mystery

The dinosaur paleontologists named Oviraptor, “egg thief,” ironically turned out to be a caring mother

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