“Tiny Paleontologist” Loves Dinosaurs

An enthusiastic dinosaur fan takes his passion to the web

The reconstructed skeleton of a Deinonychus, a dromaeosaur, at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History. Photo by the author

From professional paleontologists to kids, there are dinosaur lovers of all ages. But one of the most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen is “the Tiny Paleontologist” – a 4-year-old dinosaur fan who shares his passion through occasional video updates on this blog. In the latest entry, the tiny paleontologists rhapsodizes about dromaeosaurs, or the group of carnivorous dinosaurs with retractable sickle claws on their toes. He’s a little off on some of the particulars, but there can be no doubt that this kid absolutely adores dinosaurs. I hope he holds on to that enthusiasm as paleontologists continue to discover more.

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