Dinosaur Tracking


Tussling Over Thecodontosaurus

The history of Thecodontosaurus, the fourth dinosaur ever named, is a tangled tale of paleontologist politics


The Unfortunate Life of Speckles the Tyrannosaur

Combining tropes from various other films, Speckles: The Tarbosaurus 3D shows just how tired dinosaur cinema is


The Worst Dinosaur Ever

There are plenty of awful movie dinosaurs, but the tyrannosaur in a 1990 rip-off of The Fly is the worst of all


Sinking a Sauropod

Paleontologists are naming new dinosaurs every week, but some names are eventually sent to the scientific wastebasket


Outlining Olorotitan

A new study reexamines the skeleton of Olorotitan, a lovely hadrosaur from Russia


Giddyup, Tricerajeep!

Meet "Adrianne", the Triceratops-Jeep mashup


Dryptosaurus Needs a Hand

Artist Tyler Keillor wants to bring Dryptosaurus--an unsung tyrannosaur--back to life


Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Doctor Who stirred buzz by presenting dinosaurs on a spaceship, but just how accurate were the show's prehistoric creatures?


What’s Sexy to a Dinosaur?

Can paleontologists identify the influence of sexual selection in the fossil record?


The Past Keeps Getting Cooler

As cartoonist Randall Munroe points out, feathers make dinosaurs cooler than ever


Spider-Man versus Dinosaur Duel Even Weirder Than it Sounds

Spider-Man once saved his city from a terrible dinosaur, but you'll never guess what he wanted as a reward


The Mysterious Martharaptor

Utah paleontologists unveil Martharaptor, an enigmatic Cretaceous dinosaur


Stomach Contents Preserve Sinocalliopteryx Snacks

Rare stomach contents reveal the last meals of two fluffy dinosaur predators

Despite being famous for its size, Spinosaurus is mostly known from fragments such as this bit of upper jaw. We don’t really know how large this carnivore was.

Catching a Dinosaur by the Tail

We love to debate dinosaur size, but a lack of tails complicates our attempts to find out who the biggest dinosaurs of all were


What’s Wrong With Giraffatitan?

Do dinosaurs such as Spinosaurus and Giraffatitan deserve a name change?


Who Doesn’t Love Fuzzy Dinosaurs?

Feathered dinosaurs are awesome. Why do so many people hate them?

The cover of Paleo #2 by Jim Lawson

“Paleo” Isn’t Extinct Yet

After a long hiatus, the series Paleo returns in webcomic form


Birmingham’s Smoking Dinosaurs

In 1938, awful dinosaurs roamed Birmingham, England


Bicentenaria and the Rise of the Coelurosaurs

Paleontologists describe a new dinosaur that yields clues about how one of the most spectacular groups of theropods got their start


Tracking Raptors

At an Early Cretaceous site in China, paleontologists have discovered a rich trove of raptor tracks

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