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Vilma Reyes

Vilma Reyes considered her internship at the Smithsonian to be one of the most profoundly enriching experiences in her academic and professional career. During her fellowship, she continued acquiring knowledge and developing skills that would apply to cultural and education projects in her native Puerto Rico. Vilma has worked for nearly three decades in commercial and public broadcasting and has a B.ED, specializing in Pre-School and Elementary Education. Inspired by her time at the Smithsonian through the Internship to Fellowship (I2F) Program, she hopes to continue developing herself by continuing on to postgraduate studies, aiming to develop educational programs targeted at underprivileged communities.

The Power of the Flyer

Flyers. Even in today’s increasingly digitalized society you still see them everywhere: clipped on light posts, spread out on the outside walls of buildings, handed out in corners, and so on. As we hold them in our hands or casually glance at them as we walk by, we seldom think of flyers as being keepers of history. But that is exactly what they can be, capturing and chronicling events that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks of historical archives.