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Hey Mom, I Made You This Card

Celebrating all mother-figures this Mother's Day

William H. Johnson, "Going Out," ca. 1939-1942

We've been thinking about mothers a lot lately. Not just because they do so much for everyone under normal circumstances, but because these days, many moms are juggling full-time childcare and office hours, plus a whole lot of extra stress. For those of us who have grown up and live miles away from our parents, this weekend—it's Mother's Day, in case you forgot—is perhaps extra lonely.

So to all you mothers and people who step into mothering-roles, no matter who you are, here are some cards from us to you. Some sweet, some sassy, some punny (because who says puns belong to dads? Not us!) If you had trouble getting your hands on a Mother's Day card this year, we encourage you to save one of ours and send it to your mom or your dearest mother-figure. Or, if you're feeling extra creative, browse our collection for artworks with a CC0 license as part of the Smithsonian's Open Access initiative, and make your own tribute to send to Mom. If you make your own, please share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Happy Mother's Day. Love, your favorite. Unidentified, "Mother and Child," mid-19th century
You're not like a regular mom. You're a cool mom. Happy Mother's Day. Alice Pike Barney, "Alice Warder Garrett," ca. 1909-1910
You put the grand in grandmother. Unidentified, "Untitled (Portrait of Aged Woman in Wicker Chair)," ca. 1900
Mom, you were right. He was wrong for me. Happy Mother's Day. A. Kinder or Rinder, "Drawing on Door," 1887
Proud to be Y'orchid. Happy Mother's Day. Mary Vaux Walcott, "Small Purple Fringe Orchid (Habenaria psychodes)," 1932
You're like a mum to me. Happy Mother's Day. Edna Boies Hopkins, "Garden Flowers," ca. 1915

Amy Fox is Social Media and Digital Content Specialist at SAAM