Author: Michael J. Polcyn

Michael J. Polcyn

Michael J. Polcyn is a Senior Fellow of ISEM at SMU, Associate Research Professor (Adjunct) in the Huffington Department of Earth Sciences at SMU and past Chief Technology Officer (retired) of Intervoice Inc. Inventor with 24 U.S and numerous foreign patents, author of 60+ peer reviewed articles, and a founding member of Projecto PaleoAngola. In addition to field-work in the U.S.A., Israel, Mongolia and most recently Angola, he established a digital visualization and 3-D printing laboratory at SMU. His current research is focused on systematics and morphological evolution of secondarily aquatic amniotes with an emphasis on Mesozoic marine reptiles.

A fossil sea turtle skull excavated from Angola’s coastal cliffs. A cast of this fossil will be featured in “Sea Monsters Unearthed,” opening November 9 at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. (Hillsman S. Jackson, Southern Methodist University)