Astronaut Karen Nyberg using the Space Linear Acceleration Mass Measurement Device (SLAMMD) on board the space station.

How Do Astronauts Weigh Themselves in Space?

High-tech scales for the zero-G traveler.


New Spacewalk Exhibit Opens at National Air and Space Museum

“Outside the Spacecraft” celebrates 50 years of astronaut EVAs.

The message on the Pioneer plaque launched in the 1970s. Could you decipher it? Could aliens?

Speaking With Extraterrestrials

Composing a message that can be understood by aliens will be extremely difficult. And conversation may be impossible.


International Spacecraft Fleet Poised To Watch Comet Skim Past Mars

During Sunday’s close approach, the view will be best from the Red Planet.

Image of the cliffs at Terra Sabaea on Mars. The description was recently translated into Icelandic and posted to the Beautiful Mars Iceland Tumblr.

Describing Mars to the Rest of the World

NASA’s new translation project introduces the Red Planet in Icelandic, Esperanto, and more.

Gore Vidal and his father show how easy it is to work the controls of the Hammond Model Y.

Ten-Year-Old Gore Vidal Helped Sell the “People’s Airplane”

The future author acted as a pitchman for personal aviation in 1936.

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