Experience Alpine Enchantment at These Eight Austrian Huts

Grander than their name might imply, these <i>hütten</i> are the perfect perch for weary travelers

Meet the First Donut That Went to Space

A pair of Swedish brothers launched a tasty pastry into the stratosphere—and filmed the entire ride

Levitating Train Breaks Speed Record in Japan

This magnetic levitation bullet train is capable of speeds of 366 miles per hour—and possibly more

Droves of Elegant Blue Jellies Wash Up on Pacific Shores

Unusually strong winds have pushed Velella velellas, or "by-the-wind sailors," onto West Coast beaches by the thousands

This Man Plans to Spend a Year Living in a Giant Ball on an Iceberg

Adventurer Alex Bellini wants to watch a Greenland iceberg melt while he dwells in a "survival pod"

"Look Ma, No Hands!" A Rock Climber Scales Cliffs Without Using His Hands

Famous British rock climber Johnny Dawes puts a twist on his sport

Scientists Take a Crack at Explaining That Knuckle-Popping Noise

A new study takes a closer look to explain the mechanism behind the sound when we crack our joints

Female Chimps More Likely Than Males to Hunt With Tools

A new study investigates the social and hunting behaviors of Fongoli chimpanzees

Cuba Could Be Removed From the List of Places That Sponsor Terrorism

The U.S. has considered Cuba a sponsor of terrorism since 1982. On Tuesday, President Obama announced plans to change that designation.

These Magic Toothbrushes Work Without Toothpaste

A new brush—and an old one, too—that don't rely on possibly harmful pastes to make your smile shine

Fish Can Adjust Gender Balance in Face of Rising Temperatures

Warmer waters mean fewer female reef fish. But, over generations, populations can restore the balance.

Rover May Have Found a Water Source for Humans on Mars

Data collected from the Curiosity rover suggests liquid water could be harvested from Martian soil

How Rum Helped the U.S. Win Its Independence

Rum may was a key player in America's revolutionary days

Conceptual image of Cancer cells with red blood cells

Sound Waves Could Help Find Elusive Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed a new device that could help determine the presence of tumor cells circulating in the bloodstream

How Much Water Does it Take to Grow America's Favorite Foods?

From beef to beer, here's how the numbers stack up

Ocean Acidification Could Have Driven Earth’s Biggest Mass Extinction

Study shows the world's oceans were dangerously acidic during the Permian Extinction Event

Changes in California’s Roadkill Linked to State’s Drought

The California Roadkill Observation System studies wildlife by mapping out crowd-sourced roadkill sightings

Colorado Lake Teems with Feral Goldfish

Parks and Wildlife thinks a goldfish owner dumped his pets into a local lake. Now a few years later, the fish swarm the water in thousands

Court Rules Navy Noise Causes Too Much Harm to Marine Mammals

A federal judge declares the National Marine Fisheries Service did not do its job to protect dolphins and whales

Study Suggests Thinking Less Is Key to Faster Learning

New research shows sometimes our own brains get in the way of acquiring new skills

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