Oil rig offshore of Huntington Beach, California

Administration Proposes Opening Nearly All U.S. Coastlines to Offshore Drilling

Over 90 percent of America's waters will be available for oil and gas drilling under proposed plan

Earth and Moon seen from 3 million miles away on October 2, 2017.

Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft Captures Haunting View of Earth in Space

OSIRIS-REx tested its cameras by taking a gorgeous photo of its home planet

This Is the Largest Known Prime Number Yet

The newly discovered prime is 23 million digits long

No public domain etchings by Jessie Traill available for this American teen.

Why Americans Missed Out on Public Domain Day (Again)

Aleister Crowley, Dorothy Parker, and René Magritte joined the public domain in 2018, but not in the United States

Artist's illustration of Tabby's Star, also known as KIC 8462852.

Dust, Not an Alien Megastructure, Likely Causes Strange Winks in Tabby’s Star Brightness

After extensive observations, researchers can now confidently say: It's not aliens

Camera trap image of Javan warty pig.

Watch Rare Footage of the Elusive Javan Warty Pig in the Wild

Habitat destruction and hunting are rapidly driving the "world's ugliest pig" to extinction


Millions of Historic Images Pay Tribute to the Diversity of Life on Earth

Bask in the infinitely strange wonder of our planet with these gorgeous biodiversity galleries

Birdwatch for Science This Holiday Season

Get outdoors for the Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count

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