Photojournalist Christopher Michel captured this mesmerizing scene just a half mile from the South Pole.

How the Antarctic Sun Creates Breathtaking Optical Effects

A fine haze of ice particles transformed this landscape into an otherworldly scene

Artist concept of Mansourasaurus shahinae on a lush coastline of what is now the Western Desert of Egypt approximately 80 million years ago.

African Titanosaur Discovery Helps Untangle Dinosaur Evolution

The creature reveals ancient connection between Africa, Europe, and Asia after the great Pangea broke apart

The most detailed image ever taken of Lupus 3, a dense cloud of gas and dust that collapses to create new stars. This image is a compilation of data from the VLT Survey Telescope and the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope.

Dark Nebula Hides a Brilliant Streak of Baby Stars

South American observatory captures most detailed peek yet at Lupus Clouds stellar nursery

Sea Foam Delights Visitors of Lebanese Beach

Last week, thick white layers of bubbles washed ashore Naqoura Beach

This Book Is Bound in Lab-Grown Jellyfish Leather

<i>Clean Meat</i>, a history of cellular agriculture, is the first book with a lab-grown leather cover

Critically endangered desert pupfish spawning in 2012.

Alaska's Earthquake Caused Endangered Desert Pupfish to Spawn

Nevada's critically endangered fish are in an unseasonable spawn after the earthquake set their home rippling

Bear paw wrapped in a tilapia fish skin bandage to protect burns while they heal.

Wildlife Burned in California Fires Get Fish Skin Bandages

Two bears and a cougar cub are recovering with their wounds wrapped in tilapia skin

The moon turned blood red when the moon passed through Earth's shadow on September 28, 2015.

Don't Miss This Celestial Triplet: a Blue Moon, Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse

January’s second full moon will appear slightly larger during its blood-red lunar eclipse

This sphere is now spinning miles above Earth's surface. You can see it with a naked eye glinting across the night sky.

Rocket Lab Launched This Glittery Sphere Into Orbit

The sphere reflects so much sunlight it can be seen from Earth with the naked eye

Astronomer Todd Slisher unfolds tin-foil to reveal a piece of stony-iron meteorite during a press conference, Friday, January 19, 2018, at the Longway Planetarium in Flint, Michigan.

Meteorite Hunters Recover Fragments of Fireball That Exploded Over Michigan

Amateurs and professionals comb snowy landscapes for shards of the exploded meteor

Scythian Prince's Sprawling Tomb Found in the "Siberian Valley of the Kings"

A summer dig unearthed what may be the oldest and largest tomb left behind by the ancient nomadic culture in southern Siberia

NASA Teacher-in-Space trainee Sharon Christa McAuliffe (right) and backup Barbara R. Morgan practice experiments during a zero-gravity training flight on October 16, 1985.

In Stellar Tribute, Astronauts Teach "Lost Lessons" From Educator Who Died on <em>Challenger</em>

Christa McAuliffe had planned to teach the lessons during her 1986 trip to space. Now, two astronauts will finally carry out the plan

Astronomers Spy a Black Hole's Double 'Burp'

New observations suggest that black holes cycle between activity and rest

These Billboards Could Be the First to Feature Immersive Virtual Reality Drawings

Tandem billboards on Sunset Boulevard play host to a fascinating new public art installation

2017 Was Another Really Hot Year (Even Without El Niño)

Last year joins list of top three hottest ever recorded, according to multiple new reports

Newborn saiga calf nestling in the arms of a scientist of the joint health monitoring team.

Over 200,000 Endangered Antelope Suddenly Die Thanks to ... Weird Weather?

A change in humidity seems to have triggered bacteria that led to widespread death of the creatures

Are Rats Innocent of Spreading the Black Plague?

Human pests like fleas and lice may be responsible for spreading the pandemic that devastated Medieval Europe

Artist's concept of Caihong, a crow-sized iridescent dinosaur from the Jurassic Period.

Newly Discovered Dino Had a Rainbow of Shiny Feathers

The fossilized creature was likely a blend of hummingbird and crow

The truth is in the tooth

New Research Dispels the Myth That Ancient Cultures Had Universally Short Lifespans

Teeth are key to identifying elderly remains

What Went Wrong With the Launch of the Secretive Zuma Satellite?

Not all is well for the classified Zuma satellite launched from Florida on Sunday

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