While many people have walked by the red door on Chicago's Wells Street, very few—likely less than one or two thousand—have ever gotten a chance to see what’s behind it.

A New Virtual Tour Takes Us Inside Architect Edgar Miller's Masterwork

Seen by few until now, Glasner Studio in Chicago's Old Town is a rich mix of stained glass windows, wood carvings, tilework and bas-reliefs

The liberal arts college is home to the country’s longest continuously operating broomcraft workshop.

This Kentucky College Has Been Making Brooms for 100 Years

Berea College's broomcraft program carries on an American craft tradition that’s rarely practiced today

Bisa Butler, I Am Not Your Negro, 2019. Cotton, wool and chiffon, quilted and appliquéd. 79 x 60 in.

Artist Bisa Butler Stitches Together the African American Experience

Her dynamic quilts that reimagine old portraits will be on display in New York in her first solo exhibition

Annette Sheppard, one of the ten glassmakers competing on "Blown Away."

The Spectacle and Drama of Netflix’s New Glassblowing Show Will Shatter Your Expectations

"Blown Away" showcases the incredible art form in an innovative reality competition series

Modern microscopes can image red blood cells in stunning detail.

Early Microscopes Revealed a New World of Tiny Living Things

A cloth merchant turned a device for checking his wares into an instrument fit for science

Poster, Gib acht sonst . . [Be Careful or Else . .], 1929–30.

When “Danger” Is Art’s Middle Name

A new exhibit looks at the inspiration that comes from the clash of glory and catastrophe

Hybrid Holism, dress, July 2012. 3D-printed UV-curable polymer. In collaboration with Julia Koerner and Materialise. High Museum of Art.

The Dutch Designer Who Is Pioneering the Use of 3D Printing in Fashion

In a new exhibition, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta shows how Iris van Herpen started a high-tech movement

Arthur Benjamin speaks at a TED Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June 2013.

From Poof to Proof: Inside the Mind of a Mathemagician

Arthur Benjamin has a few new tricks up his sleeve to help people learn “alge(cada)bra”

Pyrex celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

How Pyrex Reinvented Glass For a New Age

One hundred years after the birth of the brand, the Corning Museum of Glass pays homage to America's favorite dish

The Trouble with Crowdfunding the Next Big Tech Gadget

Crowdfunding is hot right now, but a lack of regulation might leave backers at risk of falling prey to a swindle

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