Articles by Laura Helmuth


The Milky Way is Bigger, Faster, and Heading for Trouble

Have you heard that the Milky Way is bigger than we thought? Fifty percent bigger, according to new measurements


New Year's Foods for Luck and Money


Traditional Holiday Foods that Take Forever


Hanukkah Food Smackdown! Latkes vs. Hamantashen

Inside a dispute that has engaged some of the greatest minds of our era


Cake Wrecks Searches for Cake Rex


Gourmet Gift Idea: Red Truck Baker, Smithsonian Knew Him When

Best Paleo Music Video Ever: Tap Your Toes to Tiktaalik


R.I.P., H.M., Memory's Most Famous Initials


Why Is Minnesota's Recount Doomed?

Charles Seife wrote an op-ed for yesterday's New York Times about the recount in Minnesota, which seems like it ought to be a simple problem but isn't


Facial Expressions Electrified


Welcome to Our Sister Blog, Surprising Science

A new blog keeps in line with our obsessions


Get to Sleep Before You Lose Your Senses and Your Money!

If you don't get back to sleep, you risk forgetting what you learned, impairing your ability to learn, and preventing yourself from extracting concepts


Show Us Your Costume


The Dinosaur in Winter

Walter Alvarez

Congrats to Walter Alvarez, Extinction-by-Impact Theorist

Great white shark with its mouth open.

Wild Things: Life as We Know It

Great white sharks, endangered frogs and more

1957: A half century ago, tourists in Key West routinely caught goliath grouper (the big fish with the big mouths) and large sharks (on the dock).

Our Imperiled Oceans: Seeing Is Believing

Photographs and other historical records testify to the former abundance of the sea


The Case of the Missing Dirt

Mesa Verde

In the Cliffs of Mesa Verde

Climb into the Colorado cliff dwellings and imagine what life was like for the Ancestral Pueblo Indians who lived there

Aurora Borealis

Gaze at the Aurora Borealis

One of the best reasons to head to Canada for vacation is to catch the beautiful Northern Lights

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