Articles by Laura Helmuth


Interview: Steven Amstrup

A new study spotlights the plight of the polar bear, but there's still time to help the beloved creature

“It’s not unfair to say that we have been completely misled” by studying mostly museum-quality specimens, says O’Dea (gathering fossils in Bocas del Toro along Panama’s Caribbean coast).

Shell Fame

Paleobiologist Aaron O'Dea has made his name by sweating the small stuff


Creatures of the Deep!

A new book of photographs taken in the ocean depths reveals a world abounding in unimagined life

Samper: "An ability to bring people together."

Biologist at the Helm

Meet Cristián Samper, Acting Secretary


Maria Zuber

On the surprise evidence of flowing water on Mars

Seemingly dreamed up by Dr. Seuss, Mount Erebus' improbable ice towers form around steaming vents, growing up to 60 feet before collapsing.

Antarctica Erupts!

A trip to Mount Erebus yields a rare, close-up look at one of the world's weirdest geological marvels


Neil Shubin, Paleontologist, University of Chicago

The "missing link?" At least a step in a new direction

A giraffe in South Africa.

Hiding in Plain Sight

A veteran photographer shows the extraordinary knack that some animals have for...disappearing

Muir Glacier

Baked Alaska

A unique study documents the disappearance of Alaska's glaciers, blamed on global warming

Footprints and dung are often the only evidence of their route.

Saving Mali's Migratory Elephants

A new photo library of West Africa's desert elephants is helping researchers track the dwindling herd and protect their imperiled migration routes.


Seeing a Ghost

A woodpecker feared extinct reappears in Arkansas


Magnificent Magnifications

Microscope jockeys from around the world enter their masterpieces in an annual art show

Stars are being born within the smoldering Swan Nebula 5,500 light-years away.

Hubble's Last Hurrah

The orbiting space telescope has captured star births and deaths, galactic collisions and the accelerating expansion of the universe

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