The location of Genghis Khan's grave has been a mystery for centuries.

Amateur Explorers Are Using High-Res Satellite Images to Search for Genghis Khan's Tomb

Amateur explorers used ultra-high resolution satellite images to help search for the grave of one of the world’s most powerful rulers

A bowhead whale is the longest-living mammal on earth

How a 200-Year-Old Whale Might Help Us Live Longer

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the world’s oldest-living mammal in search of the keys to longevity

A monarch butterfly sits on a Buddleia Butterfly Bush.

Monarchs May Soon Land on the Endangered Species List

Scientists fear that the butterfly’s population will continue to drop due to the loss of the its food source

Stony Ground by Edwin Austin Abbey

The Second Divorce in Colonial America Happened Today in 1643

The Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans weren’t as conservative as you may have thought

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