Cape Canaveral, Summer of ’69

Fifty years ago, a photographer pointed his camera at Apollo 11 spectators—and created an ode to America.

Kristi Casteel holds her son Joshua Casteel's dog tags.

The Priest of Abu Ghraib

Inside Iraq's most notorious prison, an Army interrogator came face to face with a shocking truth about the war—and himself

P.D. East (above as a young man) proclaimed that his Petal Paper was  “a sheet designed to keep everyone happy.” That did not last.

What Made P.D. East the Fearless Wit of Forrest County

The newspaper man's bravery rocked the racist establishment of the South—and heralded a new era of political satire

From Falls the Shadow, a series by Sirio Magnabosco, 2010.

Shooting Stars: David Burnett presents Sirio Magnabosco

According to the acclaimed photojournalist, Magnabosco’s work reminds you why you liked photography in the first place

After camping out for days, tourists look up into the sky as Apollo 11 rocketed into space.

Moonwalk Launch Party

The launch 40 years ago of Apollo 11, which put a man on the moon, brought Americans together during a time of nationwide unrest

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