(David Burnett / Contact Press Images)
(Sirio Magnabosco)
(Sirio Magnabosco)
(Sirio Magnabosco)
(Sirio Magnabosco)

Shooting Stars: David Burnett presents Sirio Magnabosco

According to the acclaimed photojournalist, Magnabosco’s work reminds you why you liked photography in the first place

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I first met Sirio in 2007 at the World Press Photo Master Class in Holland. I was impressed with the studied, wonderfully surprising form of his work. It was a surprise, too, to find out that he shot with a digital SLR camera but was essentially using it to capture the sort of square images you get with a medium-format camera. I think he is so far beyond the mere captivation most of us have with equipment; for him the camera is simply a tool to fulfill what his wonderful mind conjures up and his eye captures. He is especially good at finding the tiniest of elements and letting them stand out in his compositions. They remind you of the reason you liked photography in the first place—something real, something imagined, something seldom seen, all in the same image. It’s quite wonderful. -- David Burnett

David Burnett’s book, Soul Rebel, documented the life of Bob Marley. Sirio Magnabosco, 32, was born in Italy and now lives in Berlin.

Selected by David Burnett for our special issue, this up-and-coming photographer discusses his work

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