Monument Valley is not a national park. There aren't signs and rangers all around explaining the landscape and wildlife.

Tips on Roads Less Traveled in Monument Valley

Driving through the southwest? Make sure to read our tips on the best ways to appreciate Monument Valley

Carlos Jaramillo (top row, third from the right), a staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, co-organized the team that discovered the largest snake in world history.

Discovering the Titanoboa

As part of a multi-organizational team, Smithsonian scientist Carlos Jaramillo uncovered the fossils of a gigantic snake

Once the capital of an empire, Chan Chan was the largest adobe city on earth.

Endangered Site: Chan Chan, Peru

About 600 years ago, this city on the Pacific coast was the largest city in the Americas

Tom Casten (right) is chairman and his son Sean is president and CEO of a company called Recycled Energy Development (RED) that is installing a heat-recovery system at West Virginia Alloys.

Converting Energy Waste into Electricity and Heat

Energy recycling wiz Tom Casten explains how to capture power that goes up in smoke

Scientist Joseph Priestly is best known for discovering oxygen but his contributions were much larger.

The Inventor of Air

Known for discovering oxygen, scientist Joseph Priestly also influenced the beliefs of our founding fathers

Carleton Watkins stereograph of El Capitan in Yosemite

About Carleton Watkins

On the life and career of the 19th-century American landscape photographer who captured Yosemite in stereo

Iguazu Falls

An Illuminated View of Iguazu Falls

A series of 200 separate waterfalls, Iguazu is best viewed when the river is high and the moon is full

Angkor Wat

The Grandeur of Angkor Wat

The 12th century temple is the worlds largest religious structure and a jewel of Khmer architectural style


Why DOES the 747 Have a Hump?

I never really understood how colossal that behemoth plane, the 747, is until I stood next to the front landing gear and looked up


The Gang's All Here!

A new show hails Edward Sorel, whose caricatures have spoofed or skewered celebrities of every stripe


The Great Goddess Devi


The Beauty in the Blight


Solar? Not in My Backyard!

Blue, Blue, Blue Guitars


Waiting, Waiting . . . CLICK


In Praise of Shadows

Artfully balancing them is just one of the tricky tasks faced by designers of museum lighting

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